Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Staying Motivated After the Conference High

I attend several seminars each year. During those sessions I join others in thunderous applause following a great presentation and like thousands of other conference attendees leave the hall motivated and full of ideas. But for most, that enthusiasm begins to wane as the reality of every day tasks begins to creep in. Here are five quick tips to keep you motivated after the conference lights have gone down and the applause has stopped.

1. Keep spiritual "Power Bars" on-hand
My father is a triathlete and when he is training he consumes large amounts of calories. On race day he meticulously packs the fuel sources that he will need to help him cross the finish line. Get your race-day package ready by equipping yourself with tools that will keep you motivated when your focus hits a pothole. Order some motivational CD's to keep in your desk drawer, and fill your bookshelf with books that empower you.

2. Push play
Remember that Risky Business scene with Tom Cruise? He runs; slides across the floor on his knees; and plays the electronic guitar to Bob Seger's I Like That Old Time Rock & Roll. That scene is classic and demonstrates the power of music. On the journey towards your goals, some days, even the smallest of hills will feel like a mountain. When one more phone call or extra hour of study feels insurmountable, harness the power of a song to evoke powerful emotions. Download your play list on your i-Pod or pick-up a CD that makes you feel strong, energetic and ready to take on the world.

3. Put Yourself in Time Out
Sometimes my son's energy gets the best of him and he lunges onto the couch or jumps on his bed landing on his little sister. After a few requests for him to settle down, I send him to time-out. He marches defiantly to the designated time-out chair and sits with his arms folded tightly. In moments, those folded arms soon fall to his side and before you know it, I can hear him singing a little song or talking to himself. Give yourself permission to take a time-out. Take a walk around the block or head to the restroom for a few deep breaths. These small time-outs will give you the calm and focus you need.

4. Treasure Mommy/Daddy Moments
I was late for a meeting and feeling frazzled as a result. As I fumbled through my purse looking for my junk drive, a paper butterfly covered in sparkles fell out of my purse. I laughed out loud and a feeling of self-assuredness came over me. My real purpose - my family and personal satisfaction - became clear to me again. Embrace the moments that allow you to laugh at yourself and remind you of what's really important.

5. Build Your Dream Team
I am a huge basketball fan and like most Americans I was devastated when the United States lost the Gold Medal during the 2006 Summer Olympic Games. In 2008, the legendary Coach Michael Krzyzewski made sure that the States' most talented basketball athletes were on the roster and the United States men's team capturing gold once again. Who is on your roster? Don't' leave reaching your goals to chance by hanging out with friends or colleagues who do not share your values or strive to be their personal best. Take a good look at your personal team roster and make sure that your innermost circle is filled with the best and brightest. Bench those who are draining and negative and before long you won't have to look far to get the motivation and inspiration you need to reach your goals.

Tonya Seavers Evans is a life coach, multi-media writer and communications professional specializing in topics related to working women and mothers whom she calls "Chief Multi-Tasking Officers" and "Superwomen." Evans has represented various industries in her communications practice including human resources, beauty, healthcare, security, non-profit agencies and C-suite executives. Her passion is to help working women and mothers create a working definition of balance and a life map to success through her writing, coaching practice and radio show called, Today's Superwoman. She is married to her husband Percy and is the mother of two beams of light, Luke and Kendall. To learn more about her coaching practice go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Todays-Superwoman.

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