Thursday, April 9, 2009

Freelance Writing Coaching

Getting started as a freelance writer is tough stuff. You have the desire, sure. You maybe even have some innate talent for writing Good for you. Unfortunately, neither of these things can help guarantee the success of your freelance writing business. You need expert advice and the perspective that comes with success.

What a Freelance Writing Coach Does for You

Hiring a freelance writing coach gives you just that. It allows you to tap into the wealth of knowledge, information, wisdom and experience that can usually only come from years in the field. When you hire a freelance writing coach, you're likely to:

- Hone your writing craft
- Gain a fuller understanding of the freelance writing market
- Learn the common pitfalls of the freelance writing business
- Discover the ins and outs of finding and landing freelance gigs
- Propel your freelance writing business forward by weeks or even years.

The Cost of Not Hiring a Freelance Writing Coach

You can go it alone. You can start your freelance writing business, and feel your way blind, in the dark. If you're lucky, you'll weather the hard times and, eventually, learn everything you need to know on your own. Along the way, you'll get stuck working for peanuts, make mistakes that ruin your reputation and hurt your business, and get some serious bumps and bruises.

Hiring a coach doesn't keep you from making mistakes, and it doesn't guarantee success. However, it does help you make sure you get paid what you're worth, sharpen your skills, and help you to protect your reputation as a writer.

When it comes down to it, you can't afford not to hire a coach when you start your writing business.

Bob Younce is a professional freelance writer living in Linwood, Michigan. Bob loves helping new writers improve their craft and fully realize their dreams.

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