Thursday, April 23, 2009

Goal Setting Worksheets - A Vital Step in Achieving Your Goals

If you're serious about success, you need to start setting goals. And, in today's economy, if you're not serious about success, you'd better get serious fast, or plan on being unemployed soon. According to most hiring experts, it's going to be a dog eat dog world out there for the next several years when it comes to promotions and raises. Those who are productive will be able to write their own checks and never have to worry about being out of a job. Those who aren't, well...not so much. That's why it is so important for you to start incorporating goal setting into your career planning, and goal setting worksheets can help.

Goal setting is a great weapon to add to your career arsenal, because not only is it extremely effective, it's also extremely inexpensive to start using. You don't need to go to any fancy motivational seminars and learn to walk on fire and "shift paradigms" at a couple thousand dollars a weekend. You can learn everything you need to know from a good book and other resources which you can get online. And these may just cost a few dollars. You will need goal setting worksheets, too, but you don't need to buy them - you can print them out yourself, or even write them out by hand.

Goal setting worksheets are where your goal starts to take solid form. Brian Tracy, a huge goal setting guru you should have heard of by now, claims that less than 5 percent of all people write their goals down. Of that 5 percent, only 3 percent view their goals on a regular basis. That 3 percent are extremely successful people. Goal setting worksheets can help you to also become successful in all realms of life.

You will use your worksheets to list your goals in clear and specific detail. Then you will list a specific date as your target for accomplishing your goal. In addition, you'll list several steps you'll be taking in order to accomplish the goal. There are other things you can add to your goal setting worksheets to personalize them even more, but the above items are the irreducible core. Every goal you have should have a worksheet with the above information on it. Don't underestimate or scoff at the necessity of setting and writing down goals. In today's tough business environment, it's more important than it has ever been.

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