Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Achieving Financial Freedom Using the Internet

Can You Achieve Financial Freedom Using the Internet?

What would you do with a million dollars? Buy your dream house? Retire, invest, and never work another day in your life? Go on a dream vacation? What if you could work from your home for a few hours a day and have money pouring into your bank account; enough to become financially independent for life. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, for the most part you're right.

We've all seen the ads for get rich quick schemes. The internet is full of them running the gamut from do-it-yourself real estate ventures to stock market investing to internet marketing. They all have one thing in common; a self-proclaimed guru that's willing to show you how to earn millions if you just buy their secret book. I can tell you right now that 99.9% of these people are total frauds. You may have even fallen prey to one of these scam artists, selling you their latest " work at home" program. I know I have. I've spent years and thousands of dollars looking for a golden opportunity. I've bought into dozens of these schemes, always looking for the big payoff and always coming away poorer and more disheartened. Finally, after so many disappointments, I got MAD. I decided to start researching these programs to prove that all of them were garbage and then tell my tale on the internet. It was a small dream but one I knew I could accomplish.

I contacted the owners or administrators of every work at home website I could find. I would enter into negotiations with them to purchase their website. Many of them were more than happy to sell and gave me the access I required in order to review their material before I would pay them. What I found was infuriating, and to my mind, criminal; almost all of them were junk. Many of the owners actually boasted about how many people bought their useless programs. I repeatedly found:

1. Information that was out of date
2. A complete lack of customer support
3. Substandard or nonexistent email support
4. Broken links within the site, or
5. Links leading to other sites that asked for more money

It was easy to tell that these so-called work at home programs were completely useless. And the owners knew it, yet they were laughing all the way to the bank! They knew that most people wouldn't follow up on a refund, even if they were offered on the site (which many didn't). Obviously I didn't respond when they asked if I was still interested in buying their websites. I toyed with the idea of reporting these people to some form of authority, but I didn't know who. Unfortunately, even though their product was junk, these people hadn't broken any laws. They just took money from average people that were just trying to get ahead in life.

I was able to locate a couple of individuals that actually ran legitimate programs. The owners of these programs are everyday people like you and me that found a way to make extra money working from home on their computers. Their membership areas are impressive, with quality content on how to make $100-$200 per day on your computer doing very little work. Several of them had robust customer service operations available around the clock. I even chatted with a few of their customers in several online forums, and they verified that they are making extra money through the sites, some even said they were making $500-$1,000 a day!

Please, don't take my word for it, review everything for yourself before you get involved. You can visit some review sites I found below. See what you think. The owners do charge a minimal fee for access to their program, which is to be expected for any legitimate company that actually has people on staff who are dedicated to helping you get started. Also, these aren't "get rich quick" schemes where you press the "Easy button" and get millions of dollars dumped in your bank account (although you can make a lot of money with them.) As with any legitimate business opportunity these programs require that you put forth effort and look for results over time. Some of these programs only have room for so many customers, so you may want to act quickly.

Well, fortunately, my quest to debunk all Work At Home programs failed, because I did find some legitimate ones. I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed with most of what I found, and I strongly advise that you do not take chances joining any programs before you thoroughly research them! I thank you for taking the time to read my article and I wish you the best. The links listed below bring you to the opportunities that I found to be the best and most creditable. Good luck in your search!


Scott Hutchinson

Here are the links to the programs that I do recommend:

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Scott Hutchinson is an independent researcher of internet business opportunities.