Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daily Discipline - Self Help Tips

The best part of Super Bowl Sunday has nothing to do with football. The dozens of incredible stories of overcoming every obstacle to reach the top are the most exciting part of the day. No matter if you are a football fan or not it is a real lesson.

Kurt Warner was bagging groceries when he got a call back to the NFL. Everyone thought his career was over. Not only did he take his team all the way to the Super Bowl, 10 years later he is still playing at the top of his game. He is not the biggest, fastest or even strongest quarterback in the league. His greatness comes from the intangible qualities he brings to the game; indomitable will, competitive spirit, drive, dedication, and excellence just to name a few.

You have the chance to write your own story of overcoming all odds. Just about anything you want to accomplish in your life is possible with the right mind set, and dedication. If someone else has done a thing, why not you?

The larger the goal you want to accomplish the more important your daily discipline. Ask yourself, what did you do today to advance your #1 goal? How about yesterday and the day before?

What are you going to do tomorrow? Have you already planned what you will do? If not take a few minutes tonight before you go to bed and plan it out. Visualize what you need to do to move yourself forward to the next step. Don't wait another minute. Take action now.

The number one excuse I hear from people for why they didn't take an action toward accomplishing a goal today is that they didn't have time. If you don't have time to work on what you claim is your most important goal then one of two things are at work; either it is not your real number one goal and therefore a priority or you need to rethink your schedule and task orientation.

How many times do you think Michael Phelps missed swim practice in the 3 years before winning 8 gold medals at the Olympics last year? None.

The daily grind of just getting through the day can easily stretch through the entire day. You can spend hours staying busy answering emails, fiddling with your PDA, checking updates to Facebook, etc. 10 minutes an hour at the coffee machine can eat up 80 minutes a day. If you can find just an hour a day to dedicate toward an important goal and you can repeat that hour every single day for a year, that is 365 hours. If you wrote just 500 words a day during your hour you could write 182,500 words, the equivalent of two full length epic novels or three medium sized books.

Don't wait and get started NOW!

And as always, I am here to help you release your Inner Genius.



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