Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Beginning of Religions

It seems like everywhere we look in the world, we are always focused on something in the middle. Often we are spending most of our time thinking about the end and never thinking about how it all began. In the holy Bible, it states in the beginning but doesn't talk about the beginning of the beginning. Where did God come from, that is the actual beginning.

I don't know how many stories I've read in the Bible about other people's triumphs and defeats, but keep in mind that some of these stories cannot be proven, factually. Some people believe in Krishna, others Jesus, Buddha, God, and the vast and numerous creators of the world and the entire universe. I don't know which one or if all of them are the true God's and by that I would refer to God as the creator of the universe.

It seems to be extremely difficult to prove scientifically and without any doubt, that the earth was created by a creator, according to popular religious text and would be very difficult to prove with in the leading religions of the world.

Let's get back to the question of where did God come from? There obviously had to be someone before the creation of the universe, if you choose to believe in a creator. Is God a man, woman or some sort of spiritual entity, like a ghost or maybe some smoke that can form into anything at any time and if so, did his secrets come from another creator or superior being. Was God involved in self-help and learned all these secrets on his own, through trial and error.

I often wonder, how long the creator of the universe was alive before our creation and what other worlds has this all mighty and powerful being built before or after ours. Do we have sister universes and if so, will we ever be able to see them or visit them, during our lifetimes.

Most people dismiss the creation of the creator, but wouldn't this be one of the most important parts of any religion? There's obviously something to think about here and I wish that most people practicing religions, which involve a deity or superior being, could take a little more interest in finding out where their God actually came from.

Oh yeah, one more thing. If you do find the answers, I would love to hear from you and by the way, you would be solving one of the universes most perplexing and complicated secrets. You could be a gazillionaire and make the cover of Time magazine, something to think about.

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