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Is Your Religion an Illusion? Who is God?

Most people that I run into on a regular basis while out and about on my journey through life, seem to believe in something. Most of them when asked, fear death and are often looking forward to going to a better place, like heaven when they die. Some of them will start talking about all the good things they've done in their lifetime, while others live in a very humble world.

If you're a strong believer and are told not to read or listen to anything outside of your religious text. This probably comes from fear and will keep you living in your religious illusion of faithfulness. Jesus once said, Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

I'm sure that religious scholars can interpret this in a hundred ways and some of them will even make sense to people like me but the words are simple and straightforward. Seek and you will find is pretty simple to understand. If I'm looking for the answers while seeking the truth, I should be able to find it.

Here's where the problem comes in, why don't more people seek the truth. If you believe that seeking the truth is reading your religious text on a daily basis, read them with an open mind and soon you will find text that some of it is outdated, doesn't make sense, and some of it even contradicts itself. There is some wonderful information in these texts also. I've read some of the Holy Bible and love Proverbs and the Story of Job.

Just because I liked the stories and other parts of the Holy Bible, does it make me a believer in Jesus or the God of the Holy Bible. I can no longer agree with my past beliefs, how I was raised or have the same beliefs as the majority of people in my community. I am still seeking the truth but no longer falling into the trap and believe most religions create an illusion of a better life, but can't seem to deliver the goods, especially here on earth. The promise of something better entices some people to live a godly life but at what expense, sometimes.

There are plenty of religious followers who will tell you that they're happy and they love following their religion. Some of these people are liars, others are honest but most of them aren't very educated about their own religions or others throughout the world. Don't get caught up in the religious trap, that your religion is right and others are wrong. This could become more frustrating once you truly start to seek the truth.

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