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How To Positively Change Your Life With Reiki And The Law Of Attraction

Has The Secret got you thinking consciously yet? Messengers of hope and positive news.

Finally, I can express gratitude to God for the truth that we are awakening as humanity to the truth of who we are and the power that we hold as the conscious creators of our lives and our world. This invaluable wisdom we have seeked, to empower ourselves to create better lives and realities has been revealed and is being valued and accepted. Larry King, Ellen Degeneres and even Oprah Winfrey have opened their minds to enlightening others to the wisdom held within The Secret that thankfully is not such a secret anymore.

Now everyone is excited to hear about this Universal principal and truth which states that we can create whatever we want by simply changing our thoughts, words, action and feelings. The Law of Attraction tells us that since like attracts like all we have to do to get what we want is align vibrationally, by expressing gratitude and focusing on what we want versus what we dont want.

Whatever you are experiencing currently in your life is a direct result of the thoughts which youve play through your mind. Your thoughts are real energies which manifest your life and quality of health and happiness. Whatever you are focusing on is what you are creating. Take the time to stop yourself throughout the day and pay attention to what you are focusing on. Are your thoughts positive or negative? Are you focusing on the positive life and quality of heal5B0th that you wish to experience or on what you have currently created for yourself?

The key to making positive change within your life is to consciously discipline your mind to focus on what it is that you wish to create for your life vs. what you have presently created. Would you like to create the life of your dreams?

Heres more good news, not only do we have the power to create the life of our dreams, but we also have the power to amplify and boost our ability to create that happy life and level of health we desire even faster by boosting and amplifying our manifesting abilities through the power of Reiki.

Truth is we are energy; our thoughts, bodies and souls are energy which interact with the universal law of attraction, which is stated within the Secret. We hold the power through Reiki to boost our energy levels and manifesting abilities with Reiki. What is Reiki you ask?

Reiki is an ancient Chinese healing tradition which is natural safe and organic, based upon the true concept that we are energy.

It is through the power of Reiki that we hold the keys to not only boost our energy, manifesting and stamina levels, but we also can empower ourselves to take control of our own health on all levels, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually as well. If this sounds of interest to you, then Reiki is for you.

Reiki truly is the best gift you could ever give to yourself or anyone else.897

It is easy, safe and highly effective in treating any ailment on the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual level within ourselves. Reiki treats the whole of who we are, body, mind and spirit.

If you would like to learn more about which I speak simply phone Lori at 480-332-9190 or you may visit Healwithlori.com or e-mail Lr444k@cox.net.

I am here to assist you to learn and remember the truth of who you are and to help you take control of your life and health.

Lori Keeley, HHCP
(Nationally Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor/Practitioner in Holistic Psychology)
Reiki Master Teacher
Through Positive-Change Hypnotherapy, Holistic Psychology/Spiritual Growth & Guidance and Reiki Healing Classes and Treatments, I can help you eliminate self sabotaging habits. Learn to manage stress, conquer addictions and improve the quality of your life. I can teach you essential skills for living a happy fulfilling life.

Discover how the therapeutic powers of Positive-Change Hypnosis, Holistic Psychology/Spiritual Growth & Guidance and Reiki healing can benefit your life and those around you by visiting me at http://healwithlori.com/

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Joint Pain Causes and Treatment - Prevent Muscle Pain

As we grow older so is our body systems and parts. Many of these parts already begin to deteriorate their functions and they affect each other. The diseases they give to the body become complications. One of the diseases that is caused by old age is joint pain.

Joint pain is very common to adult people especially those ages 45 and above. Many people at this age experience creaking of knees, hips and ankles. However, this is not necessary a result of aging but it could also be arthritis. One of the most effective treatments of join pain is exercise though medicine also offers a lot of alternative medications.

Joint pain s could be symptoms of serious problems associated with serious diseases like arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis or even infections. The pain could affect5B0 not only your joints but your whole body as in could cause the patient to become immobile. Even the livelihood, job, interaction with friends and family could also be affected when a person suffers from joint pain. Taking over the counter drug pain relievers are usually not enough to cure the pain because it could become recurrent over time.

What is beyond the joint pains?

Arthritis is one of the causes of joint pains but diagnosis of arthritis is not as simple as telling the doctors that a patient is feeling pains in his or her joints or near the joints. Nowadays, there are already 100 different forms of arthritis.

Gout, which is also a kind of arthritis, can cause a lot of joint pains. This is because uric acid crystals are deposited in the joints usually in the arms and legs. Persistent joint pains caused by gout can lead to osteoarthritis. Worst, joint pain can spread in the joints and later on develop to cancer or the other way around, a cancer that has reached and spread out up to the joints.

Health Conditions Related to Joint Pains

Osteoarthritis, often called the degenerative joint disease, is the most common type of arthritis that causes joint pains. A person grows older the cartilage that serves as shock absorber between bones can no longer sustain the rubbery and become stiff. It also loses its elasticity and becomes damaged. When these cartilages and ligaments wear out, they cause the pain.5B8

The second common condition that results to joint pain is rheumatoid arthritis. Joint pains are result of inflammation in the joints on both sides of the body. It is believed by researchers that this kind of arthritis is caused by external organism like a virus or bacteria that attacks the joints.

Thirdly, polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) and temporal arteritis (TA) also affects the joints. The former affects the larger joints of the body like those in the hip or shoulders; while the latter affects the blood vessels to the head. These two diseases often occur together. Symptoms of PMR includes pain in the hip and shoulder joints, fever and weight loss.

Fibromyalgia, on the other hand, is also a chronic disorder that gives joint pains to numerous parts of the body. Lastly, depression not only related to sadness but depression that already manifesting in the physical body. Sometimes, while suffering from emotional depression, many people also coincidently suffering from back pain, joint pain and abdominal pain.

Experiencing joint pain is not only a physical but also financial and emotional problem. When a patient already has fever which is not associated with flu, sudden weight loss, and long lasting joint pain, it is already recommended that the person should see a physician for proper diagnosis and care.

For33F more helpful information read about Home Remedies at Herbal Remedies website. Also read about Breast Enlargement Products.

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How to Find Relationships Through the Law of Attraction

One of the most frequently asked questions for Lee and I at our lectures is how to find the perfect relationship through the Law of Attraction.

When searching for a mate or even a platonic friendship, it is important to take inventory of what you really want in the relationship that you seek. Find some quiet time and list the qualities that you would like in a significant other. Start with qualities. The outer appearance isn't important at the moment.

Write down every quality and every detail that you believe will make you happy. Choose the qualities that you would like; not the qualities your mom would prefer, or a certain outer appearance that you think your friends would envy. The only relationship worth having is one that gives you the unadulterated joy you deserve.

Once you have collected your list, take time to create a scenario featuring you and your significant other. See and feel yourself with your mate as you enjoy his/her company. Imagine meeting at the coffee shop in the morning before work. See and feel yourself eating together, watching movies together, w5A8alking on the beach or in the woods; whatever would make you happy with your other half. When you are visualizing your mate, try to envision his/her appearance; one that is pleasing to you, but don't put too much into the outer shell. Invest most of your thoughts and feelings into what the spirit of this soul mate is like.

Every day, visualize this person that is coming into your life. When people have problems manifesting relationships into their lives, it is usually traceable to impatience and doubt. This is the time when once you have visualized, and you know that the Universe is finding and bringing you what you want, you have to let it go. Let the Universe take care of the how and you just concentrate on your mate.

By letting the Universe take care of the how, it will bring back to you just what you have pictured, or better. If your visualization has holes in it, in other words, if your visualization is sketchy at best, the Universe will fill in the gaps as best as it can and ensuring that you may end up with some of the traits you visualized or perhaps none at all. It's important to get as much detail in the description of your mate as possible.

That said, you may be wondering why one shouldn't invest more of the visualization into the potential mate's appearance. When you concentrate on appearance, you are pigeonholing the Universe. There are many individuals in the world who match your vi5A8brations, and who exude the qualities you desire, but may not exactly match the outer shell that you think you want. You are missing out on a lot of opportunity if you pigeonhole the Universe into an exact physical model of a person. Let the Universe take care of you. Trust in the Universe but make sure to do your part.

At first you may meet people who have some of the qualities of what you have envisioned, but not all. You might even wonder if this is the person you should be with even though he or she isn't "the all" of who you wanted. The Universe usually brings you signs to tell you that it is working on your desire. The people who are matching some of the traits represent your signs and indicators. You may discover that they are the "one," or even that they may possibly know someone who truly is the one. The Universe moves people unconsciously toward one another. When that significant other comes into your life, he/she will be vibrating at the same rate as you and you will have your perfect mate for you.

It's time to start attracting your mate now.

Take the time to take care of your own self. When you love yourself, you are ready to love another. Relying on another to make your life whole will do just the opposite. You are the only one that can make you happy. Once you can be happy with yourself, you will begin to notice that many a person flocks to you. They will unconsciously attract to4C3 you because you are happy within yourself. Your significant other or the perfect friend is out there and is coming to you via the Law of Attraction. Make it easy.

Beth and her husband, Lee, are instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction to to attain whatever you desire in life.

For more information, please visit: http://www.bethandleemccain.com

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How to Balance the Psychic Channels to Open the Chakras

One of the most comprehensive systems for describing man in all his dimensions in the seven chakra model of kundalini yoga. The model not only helps us understand the total human being, but also gives us a framework from which we can work towards our spiritual evolution.

In this article I want to give a brief overview of the chakra system, but more importantly I want to explain what the psychic channels (nadis) are, how we can use that knowledge to help us make progress on our journey towards enlightenment.

Chakras are essentially multidimensional energy vortexes that help transmute and conduct energy between the different bodies that make up a human being. These three bodies are the physical, emotional and mental sheaths and the chakas move energy between them. There are seven important chakras in all and they lie in the emotional body, also sometimes called the energetic body. The first chakra resides at the base of the spine, while the seventh lies at the crown of the head. The other five reside in between.

In this energetic body also lies a vast network of fine channels which are called nadis. These nadis, or psychic channels, carry prana or life-force throughout the system, and prana nourishes and sustains the person. Blockages in the nadis disrupts this flow of prana, prevents the chakras from working at optimum capacity, which in turn creates imbalances and problems for the body and personality.

Of all the nadis (a reputed 72,000) of the network of psychic channels, there are three that are most important. These three are the ida, pingala and shushumna. The shushumna is the central channel that run through the center of the spine, with the ida starting from the left of it and the pingala starting from the right of it. The ida and pingala then intertwine the shushumna crossing over at each chakra point up to when they reach the Third Eye Chakra in the centeBB0r of the brain. Here all three nadis end.

The ida nadi is the ying energy of the body. It is responsible for cooling, passive, meditative, feminine energy, while the pingala nadi is the yang energy of the body. It is responsible for the hot, active, masculine energy of the body. Normally, one of these channels is more active than the other at any given time of the day and prana is flowing through this more active channel at that time.

The key to opening, healing and balancing the chakras lies in having prana flow through shushumna. This happens when ida and pingala are brought into immaculate balance. Kundalini yoga can be thought of nothing more than a science to activate flow of prana though shushumna. All the famous kundalini yoga sets (kriyas), pranayamas (breathing exercises), mantras and meditations are designed to clear blockages in the nadi system, balance ida and pingala and cause shushumna to flow.

As prana flows through shushumna, it activates each of the chakras, which in turn bestows health to the physical region where that chakra lies. In addition, having the chakras open also bestows emotional and mental balance for the emotions that that particular chakra is responsible for. Once the system is brought to an optimal level, energy (kundalini shakti) can flow freely up and down the central channel and finally up into the crown chakra. This then brings about a transformation of consciousness and the yogi penetrates the veil of separate existence and experiences enlightenment.

Anmol Mehta is a Yoga Teacher & Zen Expert. See Free Online Yoga Videos and explore Free Illustrated Kundalini Yoga Poses & Exercises on his extensive Meditation and Yoga site, Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques.

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Renovate Your Dream Home Without Hassle

Home is the ultimate place where man finds complete satisfaction and get relaxed. It is the home only where everyone always loves to come back in spite of all the lavishness or worldly comforts he or she might have experienced in the kings palace. The home is no less than paradise in true sense. Further, if the person is able to add more comforts or amenities to his house, which in fact he would always wish to, he would find himself on top of the world.

A man always dreams of the house which is better than the best and to make such dream come true, he literally struggles throughout his life, earning sufficient money. At some juncture, when he wants to replace the old furniture in his home or when he is willing to make certain civil changes or repaint the entire home, etc., he stands helpless as he does not have all that money to get it done. This is the most awkward situation in a mans life which makes him nervous and makes him feel inferior to his colleagues. But, why sh1678ould you have such a complex, when you can easily arrange all the required money?

All you need to do is just approaching any good finance lending agency like bank and have detailed discussion with them seeking the needed funds. You can get any amount right up to 250,000 as home improvement loan based on your individual credit rating score and equity embedded in your residential property.

You can repay the entire amount in the equated monthly installments within tenure of up to 25 years. The easy terms and conditions of these loans are the outcome of residential property security. In return of the pledged security, you are entitled to bargain for the rate of interest. Secured home renovation loan plans are the lower interest rate plans where your residential property acts as a security against the loan amount. Your house is the thing that makes you able to bargain loan plans of cheap rates and flexible repayment terms. It gives the lender a feel good aroma and that is the reason why he offers you the loans at cheap rates.

Unsecured renovation loans not only serve the home renovation purposes rather they also provide many benefits to the home owner. Tenants and homeowners reluctant to risk their houses are the beneficiaries of these loan plans. There is no fear of repossession of residential property in case you miss the installments. However, these loan plans come with higher rate of interest compared to the secured loan plans.

If you are a bad credit borrower having problems like CCJs, arrears, defaults or bankruptcy, you can borrow for home renovation under bad credit home improvement loans. These loans come with a higher rate of interest but you do not find any obstacle in meeting the renovation expenses.

About The Author: For more information about home improvement loan and homeowner loans. Please visit our website :http://www.longdogfinance.co.uk/


Paying the Price for Your Dreams - Grocery Shopping Expedition

This story happened a few years after quitting Wall Street in 1996. I was starting over to follow my dreams of becoming a motivational speaker and author.

The decision to switch gears led me to one of the most challenging times of my life. Because of this life altering change, there was a heavy price to pay. While making the transition, I was struggling to pay the rent. But one has to eat, right?

One morning, the refrigerator and cupboards told me it was time to restock them. Making an ATM withdrawal of $40, the amount I had budgeted for groceries, I headed for the nearest supermarket, eight city blocks away.

Arriving at the store twenty minutes later, I grabbed a cart and went shopping. After an hour of walking up and down the aisles, I had everything I needed and went to the checkout lane.

The overweight, gum-popping cash register girl said in a monotone voice, How ya doing? She was totally oblivious to me. Ringing up item after item was just a clock-punching job to her. She was looking totally bored. My eyes, on the other hand, were riveted to the cash register; desperately hoping $40 would be enough.

I may be deaf but I swear I heard the chime of the cash register that day when she pressed the total button. It came to $39.99. Never in my life was I so glad to open the palm of my hand for one penny in change!

Deliriously happy that I had enough food for the week, I had totally forgotten that I would not be hauling groceries back to the apartment via taxicab. As soon as I stepped outside, I smacked into a wall of sweltering heat. In a hurry to escape such oppressive conditions, I absentmindedly went to flag down a cab but then I remembered.

I didn't have enough money.

Eight long blocks.

Gritting my teeth and taking a deep breath, I grabbed 5 heavy bags in each hand and started the trek home. Before I knew it, I was muttering a litany of expletives, defiantly annoyed at the prospect of having to carry a truckload of groceries. By the time I arrived at the curb to begin the trek uptown, sweat was pouring down my face. I was very hot and bothered. Pity anyone who was near me.

Because my hands and shoulders were aching, I decided to take a quick break. Setting the bags down, I rubbed my reddened hands and took a swig of bottled water. As I was drinking, images of starving children in Africa flashed through my mind followed by a simple yet profound reminder: "Be thankful you have food to eat this week. Have faith, things will work out."

I immediately knew where that came from. Instantly awashed with renewed gratitude, I looked up a the blue sky and said a silent prayer of thanks. Then I made the rest of the way home without further incident.

Food for thought: If you have just enough faith to pursue your dreams, you will always be provided for as long as you take responsibility for the consequences of your choices.

Profoundly deaf since birth, Stephen Hopson is a former award-winning stockbroker turned motivational speaker, author and pilot. He works with organizations that are ready to explore and overcome adversity because no one is immune from it - adversity does not discriminate. His professional speaking services, Obstacle Illusions, include fun and passionate presentations, especially the story of how his fifth grade teacher forever changed his young life with THAT'S RIGHT STEPHEN!

You can view his website at http://www.sjhopson.com

Stephen also maintains a blog called "Adversity University" at http://adversityuniversity.blogspot.com/

If you are curious as to how well Stephen speaks, listen to this audio post: http://adversityuniversity.blogspot.com/2006/05/introducing-myself-to-people-who-hire.html

Asperger Syndrome

Asperger syndrome is a neurophysiologic disorder that was accepted in the psychiatric community in 1994. It was identified by Hans Asperger, an Austrian doctor, back in 1944. Asperger syndrome and autism are examples of pervasive developmental disorders, commonly referred to as PDD, or PDD or Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

The DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, published by the American Psychiatric Association) identifies PDD as "characterized by severe deficits and pervasive impairment in multiple areas of development, including impairment in reciprocal social interaction, impairment in communication, and the presence of stereotyped behavior, interests and activities."

Children diagnosed as Asperger's have marked social inadequacies, meaning they have difficulty understanding and reacting to others appropriately. They have difficulty picking up nonverbal social cues such as facial expression and body language. They often have trouble maintaining eye contact. Quite often they have difficulty judging personal space. Asperger's children may also have sensory integration issues, such as only wanting to eat certain foods or wear certain fabrics. They also have difficulty with change or transition. Aspergers children tend to have their own set of rules, which may not be our rules.

Children with Asperger's generally have average and above IQ scores. They want to be socially accepted, however, because they are socially nave and take things literally, they frequently get teased or bullied in school. It is difficult for them to make or maintain friends584hips. Their speech is sometimes characterized by repetition or abnormal inflections. Physical awkwardness is also common in Asperger's syndrome.

There is no specific medication to treat Asperger's, however, medication may be used to treat accompanying symptoms, such as anxiety, attention deficit, and obsessive- compulsiveness.

Carol Bottstein

Carol Bottstein is a school psychologist with 25 years of experience in special education.Visit Long Island Educational Corner at http://www.carolbottstein.com for interesting and informative articles regarding parenting, mental health, education, self-improvement and other relevant topics.

Dream Your Life Positively

You and your dreams operate in accordance with the natural laws of the universe.

You wish it; send the message out. Create your own dream.

Script it, visualize it, and see it take shape and materialize in your real life.

My friend Lara Danns, an acclaimed actress and yoga instructor place it this way, "as a yoga instructor, I find myself sharing these affirmations with my students as they rest in savasana, their bodies at rest, minds open to positive suggestion. I have seen my own life unfold like a story book that I wrote with my mind".

This magnificent power is transmuted into small things; day-to-day behavior, manners, the choices that we make in the ordinariness of daily human life.

You deserve to be happy, you deserve to receive all the love you can get.

Does this affirmation stir something inside your head?

When I asked a good friend of mine, Damian Lee, a successful and internationally celebrated film director, to tell me his impressions about this book on positive affirmations while it was only an ebook project, this is what he said: "I'm familiar with and have used the techniques in Dream Your Life Positively and I could see the immediate results which have improved my daily life. I suggest you should ask yourself a simple question before starting; do you have the will and courage to accept full responsibilities of your wishes and actions?"

This is the foundation and the building block that anchors your spiritual and material wealth. When this concept finally makes sense and stirs you, then you will know that your mind is ready for a spiritual leap.

In the mid 80's holistic therapist and good friend of mine, Penny Page, introduced me to different 1352types of relaxation and explained to me the principles of visualization.

I was very low and down on my luck. What do I have to lose? I thought.

Time? That I had plenty of!

Sit down and do exercises that will clear my mind?

I needed more than that, but the ability to simply clear my mind would be priceless. Anyone going through turmoil in business or a personal relationship understands this point well. As I usually do with every cause I take to heart, I started reading every book and listening to every tape I could find on the subject, and developed a program that worked for me.

The changes started to happen almost immediately, one after another. I knew then that a new door had been opened for me, and that the sky was the limit. I started to learn how to dream my life in a positive way.

This day-dreaming exercise will open your mind to new experiences and expand your horizons. It is not the same experience as your regular night dreams. Night dreams often require us to "live our questions" rather than supplying an instant answer. We should look at our dreams as a window of opportunity that enlarges our horizon. They offer us a different view of our daily lives, free us from the tunnel-vision we have been conditioned to live.

For the moment, put your night dream images to the side and start to dream your life for real, in a very positive way. There is nothing religious about it, and no religion that is good for you should tell you that you cannot have it all.

You want to be happy!

You want to be successful!

You want to be wealthy!

We create the means and ways with which we create our own environments of dreams or nightmares. Once you realize this simple truth, you have taken the first step in this incredible spiritual journey, and are ready to start the chain reaction.

Just imagine, you are a fragment of this incredible, miraculous force.You are a fragment of God. You are stardust.

Here is my free little secret affirmations, which have made the fortune of several authors.

Exercise, affirmations:

Say it in your mind only, whisper it, or say it out loud.

Do it in the way that feels the most comfortable for you.

If by any chance, at any other time during the day or evening, you encounter a difficult situation or something that is upsetting you, read these affirmations again, and see a shift taking place in your inner core.

Also use these affirmations before confronting a challenging situation, or if you are going to see a client, looking for a job, or presenting a new idea to your boss.

When you repeat them for the second time, try doing it with your eyes closed and feeling the meaning of the affirmation, living and experiencing every word of it. Make a copy of the affirmations below and paste it on your desk, computer station, personal agenda, any place you are likely to see it several times a day.

You can simply mentally say them, whisper or say them out loud.


Now repeat each affirmation three times.

1-I deserve to be happy and successful. (repeat 3 times)

2-I deserve to have tremendous success in all areas of my life. (repeat 3 times)

3-I deserve to collect all the wealth and the rich rewards of my success. (repeat 3 times)

4-I am now ready to receive more love, support and wealth from the vast supply of the universe. (repeat 3 times)

5-I now have the power to bring about all the positive changes in my life I desire. (repeat 3 times)

6-I accept full responsibility for everything happening in my life. (repeat 3 times)

7-I accept only the good and the positive and I reject all that is negative. (repeat 3 times)

8-I am positively changing my life now, for the better in every possible way. (repeat 3 times)

Have a great journey.

Ton Pascal

Ton Pascal is a self thought , self help advocate and author. His Dream Your Life Positively is a beautiful guide to visualization and meditation. He believes that the times we are facing in our world require a more spiritual approach to our everyday lives.

"The Dream Catcher Tour" by Paula Buermele - Book Review

Outskirts Press (2007)

ISBN 9781432703530

Buckle your seatbelts; you are in for an adventure you won't soon forget! Welcome aboard the Northern Experience Tours! You will be traveling with 46 other women on a trip around the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. You are certain to meet some of the most interesting people you have ever met and perhaps you will make some new friends along the way. Emily is our tour guide and she wants to spend some time with each individual tour group member and be certain that they have a good time.

Of course, when you have this many different people from so many different walks of life, you are sure of having many life stories. As the group travels from one location to another, another person is spending time with Emily and sharing their life stories. From one city to another, you are able to enjoy the sites and unique characteristics of each locale. Some of the tourists' attractions are as follows: Mackinac Island, the Soo Locks bordering Canada, Munising, Houghton and Crystal Falls.

Paula Buermele has done an excellent job in providing a great storyline and travel book al1C32l in one. Through the pages of the book, you will feel like you are right there on the bus and getting to know these people that you are traveling with. Through descriptive paragraphs you will feel like you are seeing these places with your own eyes. I certainly hope that Paula Buermele writes more books. I loved "The Dream Catcher Tour" and would definitely like to read more of her work.

Reviewed by Lori Plach for Reader Views (11/07)


Close Your Eyes and Dream

Despite what Wes Craven would have you5B4 believe, dreams cannot harm you, but they can help you immensely. Not the ones you have when you're sleeping, but the ones you hold in your heart ... your fondest desires. Those dreams can shape your reality if you take the time to give them life ... to visualize them. Do you ever wonder about the self-confidence that successful people always seem to have? It's that self-confidence that got them where they wanted to be. They focused on the goal and the mind and body made it happen.

Do you ever "what if"? Instead of playing "what if", why not play "I am". How does one play? It all comes back to be-ing. You can be what you want if you can picture yourself being it, living it, experiencing it. Close your eyes, relax, and imagine that you ARE the successful ______, and that you live in the beautiful __________, overlooking _________. You have a wonderful life. You are able to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. You are content and all of your worries are gone. Use all 5 of your senses. Elaborate from there. What kind of house do you live in? Where is it located? Is this your summer home? What does the air smell like when you arrive at your home? Is it by the sea? Is it in the country?

Can you see it clearly? How does it make you feel? Do you feel like it is really yours? Do you feel as though you've earned it, that you deserve all that you are visualizing? This too is part of the process. When your feelings are one with yo5B4ur thoughts and beliefs, and they are focused on the positive goals that you have set, the picture that you are holding in your mind's eye ... they will begin manifesting. In essence, you've used your thoughts to attract the people, ideas, situations, etc. that will bring you the vision that you are holding of yourself. Thus creating your reality.

Bridget was feeling exceptionally low when a friend suggested that she schedule a session with a personal coach. She was hesitant and skeptical, thinking that there was not anything that her coach could tell her that she hadn't already thought of, envisioned, or dreamed of herself. She found that she was both right and wrong in her assumptions. When she met Dora she was impressed by how grounded she was and by how much they had in common. She also found out that a couple of years ago before Dora discovered coaching, that she was feeling adrift and had a business that was floundering. Bridget readily identified with this because her gift shop had been doing so poorly lately, that she had a number of creditors calling looking for payment. Dora told her that she used visualization to obtain her goals. Bridget scoffed at the idea. But when Dora explained that someone told her that if she could not visualize herself as a success that she would never be a success ... it began to make sense. Bridget didn't think she thought of herself as a failure, but realized that she also did not think of heB2Arself as a success.

Bridget spent 15 minutes twice a day visualizing herself running a successful business, living in the house of her dreams and living a debt free life. After a few weeks, she noticed the change in the level of confidence she had in her abilities. She approached her business dealings with more self-confidence which in turn began to increase her bottom line. Her increase in confidence made her much more attentive to her customers which produced larger sales. With Dora as her coach, Bridget used her dreams to obtain her reality. She visualized, imagined, spoke about and wrote down her goals to support her state of be-ing. She refused to back down and allow limiting thoughts to tarnish her future.

If Bridget could do it, so can you. Let go of the limiting thoughts and begin by embracing the life that you want, desire, and deserve. Let the picture you see in your mind support your goals and you will help them materialize that much faster. Let your dreams be the guide to your future and the road to your success. You just have to close your eyes and ... DREAM.

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