Wednesday, April 22, 2009

50 Reasons Why You Should Achieve Your Goals

Figuring out what our dreams and goals are isn't always the difficult part. Often times, it's maintaining our motivation as we pursue those dreams and goals that's the challenge.

One of the ways we can help ourselves stay motivated is to remind ourselves of what's in it for us. I have a personal list of 105 reasons why I pursue my goals and find that it helps me tremendously to keep my perspective and momentum.

Below I've compiled a list of 50 reasons why you should achieve your dreams. Whenever you feel your motivation mojo waning read through this list and you'll immediately refuel yourself to keep going forward:

1. to help my dreams be born
2. to be a change agent
3. to use my skills
4. to make discoveries
5. to create order
6. to do things in a different way
7. to get into alignment with my purpose
8. to play
9. to laugh
10. to use my intuition
11. to experience 'knowing'
12. to work with others
13. to work independently
14. to show something to the world
15. to be creative
16. to share myself
17. to be diligent
18. to be resourceful
19. to be my best self
20. to create jobs
21. to challenge myself
22. to use my strengths
23. to implement things
24. to try and try again
25. to learn from my mistakes
26. to get the juices flowing
27. to be at the heart of things
28. to catch a good vibe
29. to produce more positive energy
30. to lead to victory
31. to see my handiwork
32. to make a difference
33. to earn money
34. to make more value
35. to be a contributor
36. to enjoy life
37. to build a legacy
38. to connect to the universe
39. to move from uninspired to inspired
40. to inspire others
41. to experience joy
42. to see courage blossom
43. to have a hand in destiny
44. to witness manifestation
45. to feel proud
46. to gain friendship
47. to spread more love
48. to be creative
49. to show a new way
50. to follow the right path

51. to make people smile

As you chart your action plan for achieving your dreams and living your life's purpose, remember to remind yourself often of what's in it for you. I challenge you to take this list all the way to 100 reasons why you should achieve your goals. Once you finish your list, post it near your workstation and you'll surely benefit from 100 reminders that will increase the flow of your motivation mojo.

Denise is the creator of the "Dream BIG Motivated Mindset System" and for the past 10 years has been teaching the system that helps women discover success strategies to improve the bottom line in all areas of their lives. She also offers free weekly teleseminars, as well as online courses with a workshop environment.

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