Saturday, September 12, 2009

When I Am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple

Why purple you ask?

Purple is a symbol of:nobility, spirituality, royalty, courage, death, sacredness, wealth, virtue and faith.I see purple as the colour of life, of passion, of storms and of warmth.

I found this book while sitting in the office of an old friend.I was hooked with the very first story!I fell in love with every word that was written and every story told.Some of these stories brought tears to my eyes while others made me laugh out loud.It provoked thought and allowed me to place myself in the shoes of each old woman.Through these women I thought of my own grandmothers, my mother and then ultimately, myself.What happens to us as we get older?Why do some of us travel through old age gracefully while others curse and fight it the entire way?

Through a series of short stories and poems by various authors, this book introduces its readers to many old women and their personal stories of each journey, (known best by each author), who descriptively allows us a glimpse inside of each life with feelings and details that draws us in.Along with some of these stories are photographs of older women who clearly show their character, laugh lines, their frown lines and their own personal unique sense of style.What becomes of some of us in our old age is comical while with others you all you can see is the incredible loneliness and struggle.

It gives some honest descriptions of how others view the aging process, what becomes of an aging population, and how it affects our families.The Hospitals, nursing homes, home care, etc.How our roles reverse slowly through our life time with those that care for us.

It gave me a clearer view of aging with more respect, knowledge and compassion.It gave me renewed interest and love for my own grandmother and all the stories she would tell me over and over again as though she had never told them before.She would pull me onto her knees; even as an adult and tell me she loved me.When she saw me, she still saw that 5 year old little girl inside me and I loved that.She would laugh through her stories until she had to remove her glasses to wipe her tears.She's been gone from this world for 14 years and I still miss her dearly.

This is one of those books that you will love for many years.As you get older and a little closer to wearing purple, it provokes so many thoughts of our own lives and what stories we will have to tell.

Everyone has a story.

One day I will tell mine and hopefully someone will be listening.

"In my old age, I too will proudly wear purple.You will recognize me from the others by the volume of my voice, my loud laughter, my bright orange handbag and the glass of red wine in my hand!"

2007 Silvana Rosati-Capizzano

Silvana is a well respected Interior Decorator, International Feng Shui Expert and the Principal of the Award Winning Home & Life Design Firm: Blue Avalon. Along with her years of study in Home Decor and Feng Shui, she has the unique ability of being able create luxurious interiors with balance and optimum energy flow thus creating a beautiful environment of positive energy, balance and harmony.

Silvana also devotes her time to her Holistic Practice at the Dove Spa, Canada. She is a well respected Reiki Master and Certified in Reflexology. Her love of Universal Energy in our environment and in body and mind led her to add to her practice of Feng Shui along with Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Coning.

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