Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fighting Off Negative Thoughts - How Subliminals Can Make it Much Easier

Unfortunately, and although we would not like to admit it, negative thoughts are the main driving force behind the six billion somethings teeming the world right now. We already live in an environment of bad news, bad perceptions and an ecosystem of mistrust. We are driven to the wall by the promotion of bad habits, the perpetuation of bad examples and an attitude of complacency that overarches the world today as we know it. Whatever good there might have been in us is now decaying faster and faster in a capitalist world that divides the poor and rich in vulgar degrees - faster than the ozone finally leaving the outer tresses of the world as we know it. We are, as humans, losing control little by little of ourselves as we surrender and ingratiate ourselves into this zeitgeist - but I think it is time for a change. Our mind is plugged into a system that is virus prone and has shoddy programming - it is time to reset yourself. Fight off negative thoughts; learn how subliminals can make it much easier.

Our subconscious is the villain that runs amuck within our lives. The negative vibes in the world are absorbed into our cerebrum faster than a sponge in the sea and it builds what weakly passes for character nowadays. Why do you think there are more obese people in the world today than hundreds of years ago? Why do you think cigarette companies are laughing to the bank no matter what recession plagues our global economies? This is because that no tragedy can turn around addiction and addiction is wired into our nature - so much so that we view things as cool and as fad. This is subliminal technology at work - when a company that essentially sells a roll of leaves peppered with more toxic chemicals than in a nuclear waste plant - and we think it is cool; it's subliminal persuasion at work. Advertising is subliminal persuasion at work because the obvious and the unobvious in advertising campaigns are messages that latch on to your subconscious and take over the reigns of your life.

It is time to fight fire with fire. Your mind is programmed for an outlook that is holding you back. How many times have you heard yourself say that you will 'quit' next week or you need just a bit of time more to do that thing you always wanted. What are we afraid of? Fear - even irrational fear is a living breathing endemic that is gnawing away at us and we are powerless to overcome it. Self improvement must always start at the top and now we have subliminal technology to drive away negative thoughts and make us ask a simple question - why didn't I do this earlier?

Exactly. Why didn't you do this earlier? Why didn't you take action when you could? Why are you always putting yourself down and looking at the world in a bad light. It's time for a change and this is something subliminals can make it much easier.

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