Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Secret to Successful Use of Affirmations

Affirmations to attract prosperity, "Good Things" and to alter self-limiting thoughts are suggested by many teachers, books and resources that have to do with self-help, positive thinking, success, abundance and the like. They do have a place in attraction and for creating an atmosphere of positive thinking. However, they can be overused or used improperly. Not that this is going to hurt anything. . .but if you are going to use them, you may as well find out how to use them the most effectively. So here's the secret:

Work with only 2-3 affirmations at a time.

Too many daily affirmations that range from self-esteem, to financial goals/statements, success, prosperity, positive thinking, allowance and deservedness are not focused tightly enough to generate the kind of results you're probably looking for. You could recite this kind of list for years before it really starts to take hold in the subconscious and for you to really believe it on a conscious, sub-conscious and emotional level.

When you work with only 2-3 affirmations at a time, your focus and intent on the

desired results is more finely tuned and less scattered. Reciting a list of 20 affirmations is like putting 20 more things on your mind for it to try to problem solve. You may as well add, "I affirm to balance the checkbook," and "I allow myself to take out the trash."

This creates a psychological pressure to perform, as it is another "To Do" list in your conscious mind...and the sub-conscious mind will resist it. Both the conscious and sub-conscious mind would rather play and you're giving them more work with a long list of affirmations to process.

Working with just a few affirmations at a time, (and preferably, grouped within the same category), the conscious mind can easily process the thoughts and pass them through to the subconscious. The conscious mind is not overwhelmed and the subconscious mind is not over-stimulated.

This approach creates a more fertile and acceptable landscape for the affirmation to take hold in the sub-conscious mind, not unlike planting real seeds: sure, you can throw out a big handful of them and some will take hold. Most seeds, however, will be scorched by the sun, washed away by the rain or blown away by the wind. The ones that do manage to take hold have to struggle to grow because they were not planted properly in the first place.

A "big handful" of affirmations will struggle to grow. Two or three affirmations planted at a time, carefully and intent-fully, will flourish through attention and focus.

Maggie Ross works undercover as a suburban soccer mom who drives a late model foreign car and attends PTA meetings. Her "cover" is so well manufactured that no one suspects she spent several years under the tutelage of Vedic shamans, Wayne Dyer's personal guru and a little sweet Mambo who taught her the secrets of The Secret (long before it became popular) as well as other really cool esoteric knowledge about manifestation. She shares this knowledge in her enlightening articles and on hidden from friends and family who do not suspect her secret life. They all just think she's really lucky ;)


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