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Feng Shui - Property, Home, Land and Office Shapes

It can be said that the most important factor cited in opening up a restaurant or eatery is "Location, Location and Location". So is the concept of "Shape" when it comes to Feng Shui. In dealing with the advanced concepts of Feng Shui "shape" is not one small factor.
Rather shape is everything.

The shape of your block. Your house, your rooms and even your furniture play a most important component and together play a more than important part in the Feng Shui of your home, your abode or your working areas. Generally it can be stated that symmetrical shapes are considered most ideal. If on the other tack or side one considers the "L-shape" of a room - then the basis of the "L-Shape" can, will and does poses problems because at its very core the "L-shape" is unbalanced and incomplete. If and when you have not primary, basic, balanced shapes, you will need to look, think and ponder at how to balance these shapes. It's all at the beginning and basis of Feng Shui and the practice of Feng Shui.

In dealing with the shape of your land or property, wider on the northern and southern ends is considered to be best. If your block is not a true triangle then try to choose or even arrange your property lines so that the back is wider than the front or the converse that the front is narrower than the back end. What to do is this is not the case? First you might want to place a live plant or even a lamp in the very opposite corner if there is a corner portion that juts into your land. If there is planting space or soil around the offending corner then planting a hedge, hedges or even creeper plants up the walls to counter any of the sha qi offending energies that these corners might be emitting or generating. Lastly if your property of plot of land is based on a triangular shape then in order to fill out these corner areas in order that qi does not get trapped there.

When it comes to the shape or shapes of your home or office building then the wisest choice of all is basic rectangular shape. With simple rectangular shapes you can be assured that all rooms and their corner areas will be covered and not left exposed outside the basic areas of the flow of vital "qi". If you not fortunate enough and your home, abode or office structure does have "L shapes" then these missing corners again can again be covered with the use of trees or plants being planted in critical areas. A spotlight, lamp or even a skylight on the roof can be utilized. Alternatively mirrors can fill the void, or as an alternate the beautiful sound of wind chimes a be used to fill the voids.

In a similar manner rooms with L-shapes can be trouble. These can be enclosed with partitions, standing bookshelves or if necessary furniture itself or plants can be used to close the loop to shield and keep out negative sha qi.

If there is one word when it comes to shapes apparent in your rooms and their arrangement it is the word "symmetry". Symmetry means a whole by itself, and balance. Each room, each piece of furnishing, each accessory should call out by itself "symmetry".

The whole can never be greater than its parts. Work to choose furniture and accessories that are symmetrical in their own right. This way these components can both stand alone, build and contribute to the peace, serenity and arrangement of the rooms of your home, office or abode that you occupy. Feng Shui.

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