Friday, September 11, 2009

Hooray For Little Ones

Life is full of challenges and some heartache. We can't always have what we want all the time and there are some things that just seem to pass us by. But, one of the greatest moments in life isn't that promotion at work, or getting that first pension check, it is the birth of a grandchild.

It is just that moment that we have been waiting for as we peddle our way through the various streams of life anxiously awaiting the arrival of our grandchild; in fact, our first grandchild.

My niece recently gave birth to a cuddly, little girl and we became a great aunt and a great uncle. We were absolutely delighted for her and her husband and welcomed this little grand niece to the loving family. As much as we extend our love to her, there is still the expectation of our own first grandchild.

For me, what lies ahead will be more than delight; more than love alone; and more than sharing in the care of a grandchild whether that be a granddaughter or a grandson. The more, to me, is cherishing the responsibility for demonstrating the love and commitment that is an integral part of an extended family. It is the on-going desire to help, give advice, and to be part of the up bringing a fantastic gift.

For many grandparents, it is the chance to give again without the daily stress of going to work and to have to leave a child in the care of a non-family member. For other grandparents whether they are called a nanny or grandfather, or a host of other nicknames, it is the offering of a safe haven for both new parents and grandchildren. It is a home that extends the responsibility without undue concern from parents of raising a grandchild to be the best they can, to be cared for beyond just providing toys, or someplace to drop a child while parents go about other business.

The 'hooray' for little ones is to be needed, to be fondly and lovingly beckoned by that little voice as they toddle within protected environments, where they frolic and play within a secure home, and where attentiveness is combined with adoring love. It is the chance to share all over again hopefully a little wiser; the opportunity to play again as if you were younger and full of fantasy where the wonders of the world unfold in make believe games, or where a simple cardboard box provides hours of make believe castles, or a little tea house, or a grand home filled with all kinds of adventure.

And, all through this time of joy is the opportunity to provide unquestioning love and to share in being part of the rising bubbles of life as a grandchild grows into maturity.

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