Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Want to Know More About Guided Meditation? Read On!

One of the most significant devices in self help in order to accomplish inner calm and peace of mind is through meditating. In view of the hectic and stressful lifestyle of today, the increasing popularity of this activity is growing, day by day as more and more individuals discover about its marvelous advantages and benefits. And guided meditation is one of the most well known types of meditating being utilized by countless of people on a daily basis. In this article, we will talk about guided meditation and the technique or style of performing it. Guided meditation, in its most basic and simplest form is a form of meditating where the subject is guided on each and every process of his meditative practice.

Right from the initial step of sitting in a meditative position up to the last stage of completing and finishing the process, someone guides you along the way. Guided meditation instructions could be of several varieties and it depend on the methods being given and imparted by the teacher. Some of the very famous meditating methods applied in guided meditation are Vipassana-which includes contemplation on the breathing processes, dancing and prayer meditation, mantra recitation, visual imagination and mindfulness meditation, etc. The most effective and the best way of using guided meditation is trying to listen to the live instructions from a master.

However, if that is not at all possible, the second best option is recording all the written instructions of a meditating process in your own voice and then listen into it in your meditative practice. What truly takes place in a guided meditation is that an instructor or teacher provides some step-by-step coaching on what to do whilst on the process of meditating. Well, this is a very archaic way of giving meditative education and instructions to students. Yes, in those age-old times, this activity was trained or taught in groups or teams using this technique. But these days, many thanks to the progress of technology, we don't need to have the physical presence of the guru to lead us in meditative state.

By making use of pre-recorded DVDs or CDs, we could now listen to the guided instructions of a guru and then, voila-we could then perform our meditative practice. Nevertheless, without any of those professional CDs or DVDs or a guru or master, you could record in you very own voice the written tips of this type of meditation from a book and you can play them afterwards. Furthermore, if someone doesn't have the convenience of a DVD player or a voice recorder, a person could always ask his relatives and pals to speak verbally the written meditating order during the session.

In this way, we could make use and apply the benefits of the guided meditation even in the absence of any technical help. It also helps you reaping its benefits and advantages even though you're alone. If you have not yet tried this type of meditative practice yet, I suggest that you give it a try.

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