Friday, September 11, 2009

Bulk Candy

We all love candy, in fact the mention of it makes our mouth watery. This sweet tasting snack comes in different types such as chocolates, toffees, licorice e.t.c and normally a vegetable or fruit coating is applied to give it a shine. It's made from a solution of sugar and water or milk. The mixture is boiled until the desired thickness is obtained. However, to make the mixture soft or hard will depend on the temperature. Basically different types of textures such as soft, chewy, hard and brittle can be obtained.

The total time taken for boiling and the ingredients used also determines the final product. The thickness and consistency on the other hand depends on the quantity of sugar in the mixture. Different temperatures used in boiling sugar are thread, soft crack and soft ball. In thread, 230-233F, 110-111 C is used for 80% sugar concentration. 270-290F, 132-143C in soft crack with sugar concentration of 95 % and in soft ball, 234-240 F, 112-115 C, with sugar concentration of 85 %.

Different bulk candy packs such as Swedish fish, caramels, salt wafer taffy, Pixy stix, wax bottles, rock candy and so on are available and can be ordered from various stores or online services. The special ones include; jelly beans, Jordan almonds and Candy corn. However, if you wish to try branded bulk candy packs they'll include; three muskateers, Tootsie Rolls, Laffty Taffy, Mentos, Sweettarts, Starburst e.t.c.

If your child's birthday is just around the corner, bulk candy pack of chocolate will do the magic in adding that caring and loving touch. They're in packs of forty eight pieces per pound and there is also an option of chocolate of persons suffering from diabetes.

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