Friday, May 15, 2009

Why Smarter Goal Setting Means You Don't Have to Make the Same New Year's Resolutions Next Year

Whatever your goal, many of us set New Year's resolutions with the best of intentions and a determination to succeed, only to set the same goals next year.

However, most people set and forget their goals. They are not systematic goal setters following the Smarter goal setting process - indeed only 2 in every 100 people are.

Why don't the other 98 people set systematic long range goals that have clear steps and time lines to achieve them?

Some of these reasons include "I don't have time to set goals" or "I am not a goal-orientated person" or "I don't like goal setting".

However, setting goals is one of the surest ways to maximize success in your chosen field.

Why is this?

Goals instill daily habits of success
Daily habits of success create a snowball effect. A long-term goal has many short-term goals, like a stepping stone of success. By reaching one short-term goal you build your confidence and start to see your life transform into a record of success.

Each short-term goal that is achieved motivates you to continue to achieve.

Goals give you direction
Long range goals provide a sense of direction. If you have read the story 'Alice in Wonderland' you will remember the time when Alice came to a fork in the road, and saw a Cheshire cat in the tree.

She asks the cat "Which road do I take" to which the Cat responds "Which way do you want to go?".

"I don't know" says Alice, to which the Cat responds "Then it doesn't matter."

How many of us have come to the same fork in the road. Sometimes days are busy and little thought is given to the road that we are traveling on.

However long range goals ensure that the road that you are on is the right road, one that aligns with your values and a vision of the type of life that you want for you and your family.

Goal focus you attention on what is important to you.
Often life can be hectic, jumping from one crisis to the next, on a treadmill of putting out fires. With many different and sometimes competing demands on our time we can feel as though we are pulled in many different directions.

When times are like this, goals can help. Goals remind you of what is important to you, so that are you less likely to be distracted by trivial or less important tasks.

For example, on the weekend, you could choose to watch TV, play with the kids, relax or go for a walk. There are hundreds of things that you could do this weekend, not to mention during work time.

The point is that life is full of choices, and if you don't choose what is important to you, then someone else will. Goal setting is a key step to help decide what is important to you so that you can prioritize what you spend your time on.

Goals focus you on what is important to you. By having a vision of the type of person or life that you want to lead, goal setting maximizes your chances of making today's vision into tomorrow's reality.

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