Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goodbye to Humiliation - How to Bid an Embarrassing Nickname Adieu!

Often while we are growing up, developing interesting nicknames is vital for inclusion into a certain social circle. You can only be included into a certain group of friends, for example if they would know you on more intimate terms, which would mean the creation of a nickname would probably be necessary. And when we're young, this is totally alright. It doesn't matter how defaming or disgusting the nickname is (usually) just as long as you are part of the gang and having fun, it's OK.

But as you grow older, perspectives change, reputations start growing and then you realize some things should just be left in the past. And more often than not that includes your juvenile nickname. Whether you were named Stinky, Poopsie or Honey Boy, it doesn't do you a lot of good if such people as your new superiors, neighbors or significant other, ever got a hold of those unflattering details about your life. So how do you go about eliminating a stubborn nickname?

Well, the most basic thing would be to stop using it for yourself. All change should begin from within, right? So if you want everyone to stop using that nickname, at the next company meeting, use a more formal sounding nickname on your nameplate and insist that people address you that way. Conducting yourself professionally is also another great way to be taken seriously by people. It will earn you their respect and it would be much easier for them to call you by a more respectable name (which you should be adopting).

And if you want other people to avoid calling you by that dreaded nickname, it would do wonders if you would avoid using other people's nicknames as well. If you hate being called by an annoying nickname, it's almost certain that other people feel the same way. This kind of mutual respect is wonderful, especially for a professional relationship.

If you really have to use a nickname, then using a shortened version of your given name is always a great thing. And if you really have to pick a nickname for yourself, make it something you're very comfortable with and that can be used even in the most formal gatherings.

These are just a few of the rules you can follow when you find yourself in a spot where you have to say goodbye to childhood and change that nickname before things get out of hand. If you want more tips on how to completely make a transformation, visit:

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