Thursday, May 28, 2009

The True Christian - Becoming a Great Person

For years, I have been trying to figure out what a true Christian believer is, is it someone who studies the Bible on a daily basis and develops excellent habits to keep them in line. Is a good Christian someone who helps people and inspires them to become better Christians. At what point in our lives do we know that we are true Christians. What separates a true Christian from regular Christians.

The true Christian is someone who reads their Bible on a daily basis and develops good study habits. These Christians bring their Bibles to work with them and set a good example by reading the Bible during their lunch break. Often showing every one that they are the above average Christian. Most of these people can answer any questions that are asked to them simply and effortlessly.

The answers will be based on information that they have gathered from the Bible, videos, audios, other Christian related material and of course their church leaders. Often these true Christians are leaders in their church and community. Followers of Jesus Christ are often inspired to help their friends and fellow church members.

Ordinary Christians are those who go to church every once in a while and never carry their Bible to work. They can however be found drinking coffee and eating doughnuts at local donut houses. Sometimes these donut houses even carry free newspapers that provide unchristian like materials. Every once in awhile I will notice a man, wearing a trenchcoat, taking one of the newspapers home with him. He's a bad and naughty Christian.


The truth is, that a true Christian is only someone who lives a life like Christ. It doesn't get any simpler than that. Treating people with kindness, compassion and understanding, trying to become a better person or an example for others and their children. It's not necessary to read the Bible every day or associate with Christians only.

Jesus set the example for others to follow, read about him in the Bible and use him as a good example, but not the only example. There's plenty of good examples throughout history. Spiritual leaders like, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and Moses are also great teachers and can provide you with other experiences and knowledge.

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