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Origin of the Chakras

The Chakras are the energy center or node in the human body, they were first discovered when practicing spiritual beliefs and practices. The word comes from the Sanskrit "cakra" meaning "wheel, circle", and it is sometimes referred to the "wheel of life". Today the Chakras and their energy is channeled by most "New Age" healers, holistic medical practitioners, they are commonly used in alternative medicine like reflexology, reiki, and yoga.

In Hinduism, meditations would be done on a particular chakra in order to tap into its spiritual energy systems. Each energy system is vibrating at a different frequency than the others, therefor it is responsible for different aspects of the physical and emotional body. People who practice yoga and other related eastern cultural traditions know full well that each chakra holds a unique set of energy's, and when one is blocked it effects all other parts of the body.

The chakras are known- when properly used- to vitalize the physical body of anything from headaches to blood clots and are also associated with interactions of mental nature like depression so schizophrenia. They are considered loci of life energy, or prana, which flow among them along pathways called nadis much like the neropathways in the brain.

There are seven main chakras and many smaller more specific chakras, each is recognized as a three dimensional sphere aligned along the body in an ascending column from the base of the spine (root) to the top of the head (crown). Each chakra is associated with a certain color from red at the root through the spectrum to violet at the crown. Each has multiple specific functions depending on where it is located in the body and which organs it is attached to. They are associated with an aspect of consciousness, a classical element (earth, air, fire or water) and many other distinguishing characteristics.

The chakras are very powerful elements in our bodies that most people do not recognize, they are in control of every aspect of our lives and perhaps hold the secret to our souls. Until humans can scientifically understand the chakra system we will have to trust that it is there and take care if it like we would take care of any other part of your body. We can do this by meditating each day, going for regular check ups, getting plenty of rest. It is important to cleanse your soul, so be sure to take the time on a regular basis to do something for your happiness.

Janis resides in western Canada, among the mountains where she studies the Buddhist religon and practices reiki healing. Janis loves making Buddhist t-shirts, gifts and apparel to spread the knowledge of enlightenment. All of the images used on the products are hand drawn with high quality graphics and historical accuracy a priority. Visit her website at

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