Thursday, May 14, 2009

Personal Development, Self Improvement & Self Help, Are You Living in Integrity With Your Goals?

So... you have set the goal and started the process of achieving what you want. You work towards the goal, think about the goal and are really excited. Then something happens. You loose steam, you get busy and the excitement that you had while you were working towards your goal fades and another project gets stuck back up on the shelf. Waiting for completion and just outside of your grasp.

These projects and goals that you shove to the side have an impact on your mind. They are promises that you made to yourself that you have broken. Inside there is an overdrawn debit account for every project that you did not complete. The internal stress from this debit account wears on you if you cannot put it back into alignment.

Getting Back Into Integrity

One of the ways that you start to live in integrity with your goals is to figure out what you really want in life. Many times you start a goal and never finish it because its something that you don't really want. Maybe some of the goals you have been setting have been for other people and not you. You will never make real progress until you have clearly defined goals that you actually want. Think about each of the projects that you have tabled or not completed and evaluate whether you want that for yourself or whether you were just going through the motions for another person.

Once you have that done list out the five main areas of your life: wealth, health, family relationships, love relationships and your form of spirituality. Write down what you want in each area of your life and be specific.

Do A Daily Check-Up

Each morning when you wake-up read your goals. Plan out what you will do each day based on the five categories of your life. Make sure that you devote at least five minutes every day to each of the five areas. At the end of the day go back over your list and ask yourself if you lived true to your goals during the day.

Living in integrity with your goals means that you take steps each day to move towards them. You align yourself in terms of your habits and your thoughts so that you are helping move yourself closer to your goals. If you merely sit around and dream without taking action you are out of integrity.

When you change your habits, actions and thoughts, your whole life will change. Set aside a few minutes each day to work on your goals. Click on to learn about how to increase your income and create wealth in your life. This site covers topics from leadership, to tax strategies, to growing your business and many more. Ray Stendall is President of Wealth Expressions, Inc. and regularly coaches individuals and businesses on how to achieve their goals and objectives.

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Anonymous said...

Life has always been what you make it. When God created us, you were endowed with freewill to be able to direct your life to circumstances ahead of you. You make choices and you live by these choices. What the society thinks of you depends on how you handle situations you get into. This is essentially because your freedom of choice entitles you to your own happiness and growth.

Individual differences have dictated survival in a world of tough competition. Skills, mindset and inherent talents are essentials to dominating and surviving every trial that comes your way. Most often, what you think and feel, you act. The power of the mind is so strong that whatever is thought will eventually be acted out.

Inequality in economic status, gender, age and other aspects of life is vivid. Man is left with no choice but to manage his innate resources to be able to win in every struggle. No one was created greater and more advantaged than others. You were equally placed in the world and each of us occupies a role distinct to our characteristics. It is now then up to you whether you view the world as an ally or as a foe. Positive thinking has given rise to healthy dispositions. Every trial is not the end of the world for the optimist. Those who get through setbacks are those who know how to make something out of nothing.