Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Seven Great Benefits of Reading

I read something the other day that was extremely disturbing. Apple founder Steve Jobs was quoted as saying...

"It doesn't matter how good or bad the product is, people don't read anymore. Forty percent of people in the U.S read one book(1) or less last year."

To me, this is a VERY SAD statistic. Personally, I can think of nothing more important , and ,of more value than reading.

Alarming? I'd say so. If the adults aren't reading , do you think the kids will grow up as readers? We all know that kids mimic our actions and not our words.

Here are 7 Great Benefits of Reading I came up with....

1. Great Vocabulary Builder.
2. Stress buster, and relaxer.
3. Great for learning and education.
4. Keeps your mind sharp and fresh.
5. Sets a good example for kids.
6. Helps with your Spelling.
7. Helps form a common bond with others.

Writer, former pro football player and Fox Sports analyst Tim Green once said.... "Everyone likes to read. They just need to finds something that is of interest to them." Some like the sports page, some like a good mystery, others like self help, and still others like People or Star magazine.

Here is a great challenge offered by our friends at

They basically ask the reader to attempt to read 50 books in the next coming year. If that's too many, then set your own goal of 40,30, or even 20 books. You'll be glad you did.

What are your thoughts/what benefits do you get from reading?

About the author::

TA Smith is the founder and creator of
A graduate of UMASS, Amherst.
A former Dale Carnegie graduate.
Smith loves to golf, ski, read, walk his chocolate labs, and listen to jazz and country music.
Smith's motto: Work hard, have fun, help others and make people SMILE.

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