Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Self-Improvement - How to Make "The Secret" Work For You

Self-Improvement is big business. It is amazing how many articles are written promising people quick answers to their life issues. Just yesterday I received an email saying that in 2 simple steps you can implement what "The Secret" did not tell you. Do you wonder, as I do, if it really is that simple. There is the saying that if it is too good to be true you have to be skeptical. The same goes also for self-help books and come-ons. Why would there be so many books out there if there truly is a simple answer?

These books however do serve an important purpose. They reinforce the idea that people have the potential to take charge of their lives and make their lives better. It puts the responsibility back on the individual to "grow" and look for solutions by offering some solutions. The message generally is that by taking charge of life all kinds of things which seem impossible become possible.

In a "My Turn" article in Newsweek Magazine (12/1/08) Kim Lute, a young woman with many serious and chronic medical problems, speaks out for redefining what it means to be healthy. By all counts medically speaking she is unhealthy however she sees herself as healthy. She is able to say "I am not even sure how best to redefine the concept of what is and what isn't healthy, but I hope that such definition will underscore that the presence of illness isn't nearly as important as one's ability to overcome it." Her illness is something she lives with constantly but it is not what defines her. She has understood that the answer on how she dealt with her illness was within her. She exemplifies someone who has developed strong emotional fitness.

All of us who turn to self-help books yearn for some inspiration that will help us somehow grow beyond where we are now. It is our faith within us that we can be more that leads us to look for answers. Ultimately we learn that we have our answers within us. We do have to take action to create the life we want for ourselves.

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