Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Law of Attraction Frustration

The law of attraction has frustrated many people and they will say that it doesn't work. You may have seen the movie, The Secret, or one of the specials on TV done by Oprah or Larry King. Have you tried using its principles? There are usually very specific mistakes that are made by someone just learning to attract the things they want. Those mistakes are easily corrected.
  • The Law of Attraction always works

This universal law is an energy that is available to everyone, all the time. You have used it since forever. Maybe what you have attracted is not what you prefer, but the law has followed your instructions to the letter. Then why hasn't it worked the way you want?The rules are that what you focus your attention on, will come into your reality. So what you experience today, has been caused by what you thought about and talked about long before this. What you complain about and worry about today, will be what you are drawing to you for your future.
  • So what blocks what I want?

Most likely, it is old beliefs of not being worthy of having it. Your value and self-esteem has been established for years by situations and people around you. They haven't done it on purpose; their own self-esteem has not been very high, so they couldn't help but teach you as they were taught--that YOU aren't enough. A belief is only a thought that has been repeated over and over until your mind accepts it as true. It doesn't have to BE true.
  • Holding onto old ideas doesn't help

Holding onto those old beliefs is no longer supportive of what you want to accomplish today. Those beliefs were chosen by you to protect your emotions in the past. The key word here is CHOSEN. You made a choice--a decision about what happened. It doesn't follow that the decision you made was actually true. But thinking about it over and over and talking about it has allowed your mind to accept it as true, and this is what is blocking you from being able to attract your desire.
  • You have an inner guidance system

By listening within, to the promptings and guidance you receive, you will find answers to help you remove those old beliefs and blocks and create the life you desire to lead. Life flows easily for you when you learn how to program and listen and obey your inner whisperings. Walls that you keep hitting your head against, will crumble and you walk free.

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