Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to Relax Your Mind and Ease Your Stress in 60 Seconds

Have you ever felt like the earth is spinning faster and faster each day? That you always feel there are so many things to do in so little time? That you feel like the hands of the clock are moving so fast or in some cases so slow?

Well, let me share with you that all these feelings are actually being manipulated by your MIND. Every single thing we do these days is identified and controlled by our minds. For example, you're identified by your own mind, you think who you are. You also use your mind to identify and judge others.

Therefore, it's small wonder that we always feel stress, restless and tense. Because we are always on a race with our minds. Well, time to learn how to RELAX and UNWIND. Cut your mind some slack!

Here is how to relax your mind in 60 seconds...

Focus on your breathing. This is not the usual breathing exercise described in many self-help books. What I'm trying to share with you is to be aware of your breathing. You can do this anywhere, it doesn't matter. I just want you to notice or give attention to your breath.

When you inhale, try to feel the air coming into your nostril. Similarly, when you exhale, try to notice the air coming out from your nostril. Also, notice that your lower abdomen is expanding slightly when you inhale and contracting when you exhale.

If you take a short breath, notice that it's a short breath. If it's a long breath, notice that it's a long breath. In other words, just act as an observer - to observe and notice how you breathe. Just do this for 60 seconds, and you will immediately feel the "stillness" in your mind.

Do this practice daily every time when you feel there is stress or tension. It will bring calmness to you almost immediately. It's easy to do and can be practiced anywhere and anytime.

Another of my favorite way to unwind and relax my mind is by using what is known as meditative sounds. There are many variaties, the one I use is called Binaural Harmonics. What I normally do is just put on a headphone when I'm travelling by bus, train or plane. You can also listen to it when you're driving.

The meditative sounds are specially designed to stop your normal thought or mind patterns, bringing your mind to an altered state of consciousness. In a layman term, it basically means to get rid of all the clutters in your mind and instills calmness and stillness into it.

Listening to meditative sounds on a regular basis not only can relax your mind but it also helps to relax your body and allow you to think more clearly. If you want more information, you can watch a video at my blog (see link below).

Go to how to practice basic meditation to watch the meditative sounds video for more understanding (scroll down a bit to watch the video when you reach that page). More personal development tips on various topics can also be found at my blog.

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