Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Magical Power of Gratitude

I remember when Oprah began encouraging everyone to write their own gratitude journal. I started one but it just felt like one more thing to do. Instead I tried to experience feelings of gratitude by simply thinking about 3 things I felt grateful for every day, either upon awakening or just before bed. Naturally, there were lots of mornings and evenings when I forgot to do this.

Flash forward 7 years and "Wow! What a difference!" Today, I'm surrounded by beauty, space, privacy, and other forms of abundance I couldn't even have imagined before. And now I find my gratitude comes naturally. I can't even open my eyes without feeling an amazing sense of appreciation for all that I've created in my life.

Is there a connection between all that I have and the depth of gratitude I feel?

Obviously, this didn't happen overnight. I wonder, when did gratitude become so effortless? Gradually, for sure. And how did it become such a natural state of being? Profound, genuine, effortless gratitude is so powerful in creating anything your heart desires, it's well worth doing whatever it takes to get to that place in your life.

Like anything else, you start small. You consistently exercise that "muscle." Over time it gets more powerful. As your efforts are rewarded with less and less effort, the use of gratitude becomes second nature.

Sometimes, I still find myself wondering whether such deep and genuine gratitude will be enough to sustain this exquisite lifestyle? Will simply feeling genuinely grateful for all the beauty and abundance that surrounds me now lead to a mindset that thinks differently and acts accordingly?

It's truly a grand experiment at this time. Stay tuned to find out if my happily ever after is self-sustaining. My blog will keep you posted with interesting and inspiring audio clips, video and super short articles to jump start your mind so you too can easily create a life of radiant health, deeply fulfilling relationships and permanent prosperity.

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