Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Emotional Freedom Equals Financial Bliss

Did you know that the path to financial freedom is paved with your emotions? Did you know that by learning how to control these emotions, you can actually be creating wealth for yourself? It's true. We spend our money emotionally. We earn our money emotionally. We choose to see the world through our emotions. So the more we are able to control these emotions, the more we will be able to bring financial wealth into our lives and allow it to stay there. Where it should be. Self-control is an unparalleled skill when it is used to make the decisions that will determine everything that our lives are made of.

The attachments you have to your emotions are what dictates what will trigger these emotions. If we can control what we attach to ourselves emotionally, we can ultimately decide whether or not we will give these emotions power. And when we can consciously control what we give power to in our lives, we control our lives as well. It's the simple rule of cause and effect. Knowing how to master this rule is learning how to master life. As humans, we are given the gift of self-control. We don't have to live by our instincts alone.

Instincts are what drives and compels animals to continually do the same things each and everyday so that they can find food and to survive. We live in a world where we do not have to be constantly worried about food or about our survival. We live in a world where we can really know what luxury and comfort is. It becomes our choice whether or not we experience these things. We can constantly expand our lives everyday by learning more and applying what we learn to make our outcomes match our desires.

There are many different techniques and strategies to learning how to conquer our emotions and finally break free from any shackles that we have placed upon ourselves. We can and we will make our lives a work of inspiration and determination. Feel free to stop by my website to learn more. You just might find the answers you are looking for.

Bryan Appleton is an author of self-help motivational literature as well as an entrepreneuer and investor. He is a single father and has made it one of his life's goals to try and help other people live the lives they are dreaming of. You can find his website at http://successfulfather.com

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