Friday, August 28, 2009

You Can Achieve What You Want

Many people find it difficult to set goals because they regard their goals as something difficult to achieve, as an impossible dream so they play it safe by avoiding thinking about what they want all together. Do you feel you are in this trap? How can you overcome it?

We all possess enormous creativity and can imagine anything we want. When we hold ourselves back for a long time from being creative it might be hard for us to free up our imagination. This is just a matter of practice: the more you do the imagination exercise the better you will become at it.

Now imagine, what goals would you pursue, what would you like to do, to have, to become if you knew you can't fail? Just let your imagination fly.

Remember when you were a child and your imagination was unimpeded by all the constraints imposed by our society, what dreams did you have? Try to remember your childhood wild dreams and start dreaming; let your dreams to take you where you want to be. To facilitate this process you can do this after half an hour of dancing or aerobics exercises to lighten up and let go.

Imagine that you are guaranteed the success, what would you do; what dreams would you have? Try to uncover your deepest desires. There must be something that you pushed deep into subconscious mind because you thought it was impossible to achieve; try to revive your deepest desires.

After that don't think about failure, just keep the image of what you want in your mind at all times. Twice a day do this visualization exercise in a deeply relaxed position and feel a deep gratitude as if you already received it. This will imprint your desire in you subconscious mind that will keep you alert to all the opportunities that will help you realize your dream.

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Lynn Alex is a Life-Skills Coach, Yoga Teacher and an American Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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