Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reaching Your Goals

Have you ever wanted anything? Have you managed to reach your goals sometimes and other times you failed? Well, if you would like a step by step guide to help get you reach your goals and enjoy greater success than this article will come as a pleasant surprise.

These 7 powerfully effective steps towards making progress and greater success fall into two categories.

A. Awareness

B. Action

Taking action without awareness can lead to much wasted time and frustration. People hate when they find they have been walking in circles.

Having awareness without taking the necessary action can lead to over analyzing and
usually points to some blind spot about yourself. That blind spot could be denial or distraction from the REAL issues. That lack of self awareness renders all of your external awareness almost useless.

Or perhaps there is something known or unknown ( in your subconscious mind? ) that is holding you back.

So by being more aware of who you are, what you want and how you may be changing along the way you can take the necessary steps to reach your goals. Also, by tracking your progress you can
feel secure that you are getting closer to your goals or that your goals are changing.

Knowing your strengths as well as realizing your weaknesses can help you to assess the best plan of action. It can also help to motivate you to take that first step.

Some people want to know all the steps required before they will take the first step, while others simply want the first step and after completing it they want the next step spoon fed to them.

Most people fall somewhere between these categories and so can benefit from the steps and tips in this article and know that they can always contact me for more personal professional guidance. Choices equal power and knowing you can chose makes most people feel very, very good.

1. Know who you are. Are you a person who is willing to do anything to reach your goals? Does that include doing things that could harm others? Where do you draw the line?
Know your core principles and values because these will most likely stay the same, even as you yourself change.

2. Know what you want. Have a clear goal and work backwards as if you already reached it. What steps did you take to get there? Or if you prefer you can start with "what is the first step I can take right this minute that will help get me closer to my goal."

There are benefits to both of these variations and for more details you can contact me. However, for this article this information is more than enough to get you started towards greater success and more reliable results.

3. Be prepared for possible obstacles in your path. Find yourself seeing obstacles as challenges so that you either deal with them as needed or even find
yourself looking forward to overcoming these obstacles and making use of them.

4. Learn from those obstacles and experiences so you are even better prepared. Imagine that your future is spread out in front of you like a magic carpet ride and your past is lit up with the lessons you have learned. So that even in the darkest coldest night there is some warmth and comfort and light to help guide you from where you have been, as you move towards better and better things to come.

5. Develop your perseverance and reward yourself for following through on your objectives. The first steps can help you to do this along with meditation, hypnosis, chi gung, yoga and other types of mind/body exercises that help you use and harness this extra intelligence and energy.

6. Remain flexible so that your steps can change as needed and so that as YOU change you are aware of these changes. Is this really my goal or the goal of someone else? Am I still the same person I was when I first took up this journey? Have I changed so much from my experiences along the way that my goals have also changed? This is one reason why I stress the use of journals.

The military would call this a sit/rep and a business may call it a progress report. Whatever you wish to call it you can make use it of it to help keep you on track.

7. Magnetize your goals and yourself so that you can barely tell whether you are being drawn closer to your goals or if your goals are being drawn towards you as you become more successful. Either way, you seem to effortlessly improve. This is the step that seems to require more coaching or personalized attention for most people. However, this is more of an extra step that makes everything flow more easily.

Michael Twomey is a Success Coach and Professional Hypnotist in NYC. He has helped many people to change their habits, beliefs and improve their lives. He lives with his beautiful, loving and talented wife, Maggie in NYC.

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