Monday, August 31, 2009

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne - Have You Read It?

When I first started to get involved with Internet Marketing, I was told about some books I should read and one of those was The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Well I found The Secret in my local book shop and bought it. I have to admit that once I started reading it I couldn't put it down, and as this was a low period for me it filled me with inspiration.

The scholar's from times gone by and all the successful businessman, and personal coaches from today are using The Secret in their lives now. I mean, if some of the greatest people in history believed in it then who am I to disagree. People like Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Beethoven, Lincoln, Einstein and the list goes on.

It is all based around the Law of Attraction, which states that if you always have bad thoughts then that's what you will always attract, if you always feel depressed then that's what you will attract, and if you only think about debt then that's what you will attract. Think and believe about wealth and you will attract it, don't question how, the Universe will find a way - Hard to believe for the skeptics among us.

OK yes we all know the benefits of positive thinking but unless you have inspiration from somewhere, it's so hard to do especially as we all know in this day and age it is gloom and despair; the world recession, etcetera. It's easy to sit and hold your head in your hands, but will that help? Not one little bit.

So lets tell you about what has happened to me since I started reading The Secret:

The first time I read it I was on cloud nine, full of positive thoughts and I even tried the car parking space trick - yes it did work, coincidence? Maybe, but it happened almost every time. But then I had some serious money and personal issues and I forgot about The Secret until recently.

To supplement my income, as yet I do not earn enough money from my Internet Marketing endeavors, I do cabbing and that has been very slow. So as I was waiting around for jobs I started reading The Secret again and on this particular occasion I had been waiting 2 hours and still no job. So I closed the book and kept saying to myself "You will get a good job now", I kept saying it to myself, "The Secret will take care of me", stupid you might think, but what did I have to lose.

I left the area I was parked in, now do I turn left or right, do I stop here, all these questions but I trusted my instincts and then, beep beep beep my on board computer had received a job, and as I opened a 50 job.

I was thrilled and another strange coincidence, or not? Was it as the last passenger reached their destination we somehow mentioned The Secret and he said that since he has read and believed he has had a 3,000 Tax rebate, and as an actor has just won a new contract for a TV series.

Well after this job straight away another job came down 30 and this happened 3 more times in the space of 2 hours. Is this just a coincidence or something deeper?

I have been trying this since last Friday night and you know what instead of sitting there thinking the next job will be a bad one, because remember think a bad job and the Genie say's "your wish is my command" and a bad job you will receive.

Now I visualise the on board computer, and in my mind imagine seeing a good job on the screen, it work's, but you have to believe.

All I need now is to work harder at the Internet Marketing Business and believe it will all come to me.

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