Saturday, August 29, 2009

Self-Help Anxiety Curing Methods to Help You Fall Asleep

Self-help anxiety curing methods can be extremely valuable if they are successfully implemented and help you with troubles falling asleep. Most people who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks have an especially difficult time getting a good night's rest. A lack of sleep will only heighten the chances for anxiety to take over your day.

For many that suffer from anxiety, bedtime is just another dreaded part of life. The thought of lying in bed in silence and letting thoughts run wild can be outright terrifying. I used to feel like this, and I wouldn't be able to fall asleep without the background noise of the television present. It's easy to let your thoughts take over and begin worrying about all the negative things that can happen tomorrow, or replaying any stressful events of the previous day.

The obvious truth is that these thoughts do you no good, and when you don't get the amount of sleep your body needs to function you're inviting anxiety into your life.

Self-Help Anxiety Tip # 1 - Think Positive

Bringing positive thoughts into your life will benefit you in multiple ways. It's really easy to fall into a habit of dwelling on negative thoughts all day long. We all know someone who takes this to an extreme and it's safe to say that this kind of person is never the life of the party. This type of person can bring everyone around them down, and if they exhibit worry or fear, those same feelings are likely to be become contagious as well.

Contrarily, positive speech and positive thinking can also catch on. Positive thinking can replace the habit of negative thinking. When you lie down at night to go to sleep, the first thoughts don't have to be about how horribly wrong your day may go tomorrow. Instead, you may just get into a habit of feeling great about what potential tomorrow holds and looking forward to the future.

Self-Help Anxiety Tip #2 - Exercise Regularly

If you haven't heard by now, exercise is healthy. I apologize for the sarcasm, but it seems many people don't quite understand just how much exercise can benefit your all around well-being. Sure you'll lose weight and feel good about yourself (as if that wasn't enough reason to exercise), but a regular exercise routine will dramatically reduce the amount of stress and anxiety in your life.

Try jogging a mile or lifting weights for 20 minutes the next time you feel anxiety taking over. After 20 minutes stress melts away and it's often replaced with a sense of elation. Exercise is a potent all-natural stress killer. If you do workout, or have in the past, I have no doubt this rings true for you. If you don't exert yourself often, give exercise a chance. One session won't change the way you look in the mirror, but you will immediately feel the effects of its anxiety diminishing power.

Secondly, on the days that you exercise, you won't be able to ignore the fact that sleep comes with less effort and is often uninterrupted. When you introduce a daily workout regimen into your life, a good night's sleep is a natural byproduct. When you combine the two, anxiety is less likely to be a part of your day, or sleepless night. Practicing both of these self-help anxiety curing methods will benefit many aspects of your life.

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