Saturday, August 29, 2009

Need Motivation? Olympian Reveals the Number One Key That Will Ignite Your Motivation Forever

Every four years, millions of people around the world are enthralled by the athletes of the Olympic Games.

But as a spectator what you may not know is that Olympic athletes discover keys to success THAT CAN HELP YOU! True, you may not be able to relate to their god-like physical attributes, but if you're like me, you can relate to their desire to achieve, to reach a goal.

So whether you are a fan of the Olympics, and especially if you're not, you will want to take advantage of the number one key learned by all Olympic athletes. This key will build your motivation, ensure greater success and boost your self-esteem.


We all can agree on the first outcome, and that is TO WIN! Winning means that you achieved better results than anyone else on that day. That's good. The downside of winning is that only one person can win. So where does it leave everyone else?

Most people would say that if you don't win, then you lose. Losing is much rarer in the Olympics than you can imagine. But let's talk about another outcome.

You can BE BEATEN. This is not the same as losing. Being beaten means that you did your very best, but someone else did better than you. Of course everyone wants to be number one, but there is honor in being beaten. How can you possibly do better than your very best?

Think about it. If your very best isn't good enough, then only the impossible will do. What are your chances of achieving the impossible in your life? If there is only win and lose, you are setting yourself up for failure. How much motivation can you muster to continually try and fail? So the key is to include "being beaten" as an honorable outcome.

The final outcome is TO LOSE. In the Olympic world "to lose" means giving up or quitting. It means taking yourself out of the race, or not even trying. How motivating is that? Many people have this all-or-nothing attitude. If they can't win, then they don't try. Over time this attitude is the biggest killer of motivation. How do you operate your life?

To succeed we need a different attitude; we need to believe that doing our best is honorable.

A great story emerged from the 1968 Olympics. John Akhwari of Tanzania, brutally injured his leg during the marathon. The winner had already been declared an hour earlier when John hobbled into the stadium. As he crossed the finish line, the few remaining spectators roared its appreciation. A reporter asked him why he had not retired from the race, since he had no chance of winning. He seemed confused by the question. Finally, he answered: "My country did not send me to start the race. They sent me to finish." Was John a loser? No. HE WAS WELCOMED HOME A HERO.

Another great story you will never forget is about Nick If this story doesn't strengthen your motivation, nothing will!

It's true. The Olympics just come around every four years. And your life, your fitness, (or lack of it) is very, very real. However, if you are like me you appreciate guidance from whatever direction it comes. And this key learned from the Olympic athletes can (and will) insure you emerge from your particular challenges with stronger motivation, greater success, and increased self-esteem. So go ahead! Set high goals for yourself; just remember to celebrate EVERY time you do your best!

Linda Schaumleffel, Olympian and head injury survivor, guides people worldwide with faltering memory or head injuries, by teaching them how to thrive again, strive for peak productivity, and build a hedge against dementia. Get a jump on your own brain health with free special report, "BRAIN FITNESS: The Top 17 Activities That Will Revive Your Brain at Any Age!" at

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