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Reflexology - Holistic Therapy

Reflexology is a modality in treatment used to enhance circulation, relaxation and improve ones overall health and well being. By formal definition, it is: "A focused pressure technique directed at the feet or hands." "It is based on the premise that there are zones and reflexes on different parts of the body which correspond to and are relative to all parts, glands and organs of the entire body".

Reflexology is not a "new age" treatment, but has in fact been around for thousands of years. There is documented evidence of this therapy dating back as far as 2,500 BC. It can benefit those as young as new born up to the elderly.

Reflexology, in simpler terms, works to stimulate the body's natural electrical energy to help increase the body's circulation. This is done through manipulation, pressure enhanced massage and focusing on various pressure points of the foot or hand. By increasing circulation, one will feel the instant benefits of reduced stress and enhanced relaxation. For those on medication, with medical conditions or enhanced side effects due to treatment; reflexology can improve feelings of overall well being and help to decrease pain or unpleasant side effects from modern medicine. For those practising other treatments in achieving good physical and emotional health, this is a perfect treatment to compliment other modalities as well.

A treatment session will usually last 45-60 minutes where the client will be fully clothed and draped with a sheet for comfort and warmth. It can be administered lying down or sitting up, which ever the client is most comfortable with. The treatment room will be clean, the atmosphere will be calm and usually with soft calming music playing in the background. The benefit of Reflexology over other treatments is that the results of a reflexology session can last up 5 days or more and treatment can be determined by the client on a as per need basis.

For those that have never experienced this type of therapy, it is well worth trying. To find a reputable and highly trained reflexologist, you can start by choosing a reflexologist that has been Certified by the College of Reflexology which practises strict standards and ensures a quality professional.

Don't settle for anything less.

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Silvana also devotes her time to her Holistic Practise at the Dove Spa, Canada. She is a well respected Reiki Master and Certified in Reflexology. Her passion for positive energy and it's effects on our surroundings as well as personally are encompassed in her practise of Feng Shui and Holistic Therapies. She offers Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Coning.

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