Monday, July 20, 2009

Folding Shutters - Find Out the Truth About Them

Folding Shutters are one option among the many different choices you can make to protect your home from hurricanes. They are similar to roll-down models in that they can be rolled out by the sides to cover the shutters. They can be an effective choice for home protection. Here, we take a look at some the specifics about them:

1. Offer a good compromise of protection and aesthetics.

Folding Shutters offer a durable amount of hurricane and debris protection. Although they are not perhaps as good against hurricane damages as storm panels, they do offer an upgrade in aesthetics. They can often neatly be moved to the sides of the windows or doorways after the storm allowing you to keep them up year round. They tend to be very discreet as well depending on the model chosen which helps keep them from detracting from the beauty of your home.

2. Easy to install although can have maintenance issues.

The good news about theses types are that once they are installed, you are ready to go. Since you do not take them down, your work is only to open and close them when you need them. This process is much easier compared to storm panels or using plywood. However, over time, some models can have difficulty with the rolling system requiring some maintenance work. For this reason, some consideration should be given to how willing you are to put up with some maintenance work every few years.

3. Moderately priced for their value and benefits.

These are priced within the middle of the range of storm panels on one end and impact windows on the other. This makes them an attractive alternative for those who want improved beauty and convenience, but are unwilling to buy more expensive models.

Folding Shutters offer a number of advantages to homeowners concerned about hurricane protection. Although they are not the most sought after of the options, they certainly can be helpful to many families who are looking for a good compromise of options.

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