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Raising Vibration

Raising Vibration

All of us want better, happier lives for ourselves and our families but too many of us simply don't realize how to bring about these desired improvements in our daily existence. We think we are powerless to control our own futures or to call into being the very things we wish we had the most. That's because so few of us understand the law of attraction and how it can provide the solutions we long for.

The Law of Attraction: A Brief Discussion

While many of you may already be somewhat familiar with the Law of Attraction, it seems important enough that it should be briefly introduced for the sake of readers who are new to the idea and to make sure we are all on the same page regarding what this means for us and for our futures.

The idea of the Law of Attraction - sometimes also known as the Law of Vibration - is that what we think we can make happen. For example, if you want a better job you can focus on mentally bringing this about. However, you must remain positive in thinking. You can't doubt that a better job is not going to be in your future. By thinking about what you want, you can cause it to manifest in your world meaning you can get that new job you want.

What is Our Vibration?

Each thought we have is a vibration. The vibration leaves us and goes out into the universe where it attracts the concrete manifestations of our thoughts then pulls them back to us. And for many of us this is where the problem lies.

Our thoughts are made of energy and different thoughts will possess different energy levels. Unlike the world of physics where things that are alike are repelled and that which is different is attracted, our thought vibrations actually attract the same level of energy. For example, if we are positive and enthusiastic in our thoughts this creates a high vibration and we can expect positive things to be attracted back to us. However, if are pessimistic, worried, or doubting then we will be sending low energy out into the universe and we will not get back what we want.

Clearly, the key is in Raising Vibration Energy so that we can consistently send out high energy into the universe.

Raising Vibration: A Few Ideas

Since the key to bringing about what we want as explained by the law of attraction or law of vibration, we need to have clear idea on how to make this happen, especially when we begin to sense that our thoughts are heading in a negative direction.

One of the best ways is to read a positive affirmation about ourselves. For example, if you are trying to improve as a cook then you might say "I am a fantastic cook" any time you begin to doubt your own skills in the kitchen. By repeating this over and over again aloud, you can drive out those negative thoughts and replace them a higher vibration which will help you make a wonderful meal in the kitchen.

Another good way of Raising Vibration Energy is by removing obstacles in our lives. Clutter is one of the best examples. Those of us who have held onto so much of our past lives can often find that our vibrations are being blocked by all of the stuff that fills our lives. Plus, holding onto those memories can get in the way of the things we want to bring into our lives anew.

To change this, look around your home and be brutally honest about what can be removed. Get rid of anything that is no longer necessary or that causes you to have negative thoughts. Even positive memories may be brining your energy levels down.

You should also pay attention to your thoughts and your actions. For example, if you start realizing that your thoughts and vibrations are going negative you can take an active role in changing that. However, you must pay attention to these issues in order to bring about changes.

Another idea is to create a special place in your home. When we get stressed or face challenges in our lives, this can often lower the energy level of our vibrations. Raising Vibration Energy

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