Thursday, July 30, 2009

Make Money Writing - Write Local

Want to get started writing for money? Writing makes a great home business. However, you should forget the Internet, because you can make more money writing local. I've been teaching my copywriting students to start their businesses by writing local for years.

"Write local" works for other kinds of writing too. For example, an easy way for new writers to start is by writing resumes for people who are looking for new jobs. You can advertise your resume-writing services in local newspapers.

Here are some additional ideas of what you could write for local businesses:

* Advertising

* Newsletters

* Articles

* Business letters

* Web sites and Web content

Advertise Your Writing Services - Get Known and Make Money

For local companies to hire you, they must be able to find you. This means that you need to get known as a writer in your local community. The easiest way to do that is by advertising.

But what if you don't have an advertising budget?

Advertising doesn't need to be expensive. There are many cheap ways in which you can advertise. You can put notices on community notice boards, or print out flyers on your computer and leave them with local businesses.

Another way to advertise without spending money is to get to know your local business community. Every community has business groups and you can join the networking events at these groups, often for free. Take along some business cards and hand your card out to everyone you meet. Don't forget to put your web address on your business card.

Once you've been to a couple of networking events, offer to speak at one of them. You can give a brief talk on a topic like Internet marketing, advertising online, or creating a search friendly website for example. Speaking is a no-cost way of advertising your services, and you will find that any speaking engagement you have result in several new clients.

Writing for local businesses is the easiest way to get started making money writing as a new writer. You'll find that once you get your first client, your name will be passed around, and you will get more writing jobs than you can handle. Get started today.

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