Friday, July 10, 2009

How Steel Buildings Cost Less Than Conventional Buildings

Anyone who is considering the construction of a building usually has two concerns: cost and durability. While traditional lumber buildings are usually the norm, metal buildings are quickly gaining popularity for many reasons.

Metal buildings are available in many shapes and sizes to fit even the choosiest consumers. The first step should be to determine your budget. You will quickly find that you can have a larger, better equipped building if you choose a steel building as your primary building material. If you are expecting your new building to be warm in the winter, then ensure that insulation is included in the cost.

Ensure that when you are purchasing a metal building that the exterior panels and trim are coated with a protective paint, otherwise you will have to add the cost of the paint into your budget as well. Items such as doors and windows are typically not included either.

Before you go with the lowest cost steel building, check to see what the total costs are. Here at Absolute Steel, we will always figure out what your total costs are or at least estimate them for you. Many companies will give you a low price but when they add in freight and other costs you will find that you are paying more. Furthermore, most companies engineered plans do not include the foundation and concrete which you'll need to include to obtain a building permit. Also check the thickness of the metal and try to get the thickest metal you can afford, as this will ensure that your new building can stand up to the elements.

No matter what type of building you choose the cost of laying the foundation is not included, unless you are purchasing through a construction company, in which case it should be included in the cost (along with labor). Absolute Steel metal buildings are easy to assemble yourself, so you can save on labor costs with a metal building after your foundation is laid.

Freight costs also need to be considered when you are choosing your building type, and again a metal building is a better choice. Most all our building quotes include shipping so at Absolute Steel this is not a concern. Pre-fabricated metal buildings come pre-cut and packaged, so you are only shipped what you need and there is very little waste. Since metal buildings weight much less than lumber the freight costs are typically much less.

Even if the cost of a lumber versus metal building were exactly the same, you would still save money by choosing metal. You will likely never have to spend a dime on maintenance on a metal building as it comes coated with a protective paint that means it won't rust. There is also no chance of your metal building being susceptible to insects, rot or other common lumber problems.

The lifespan of a metal building is much longer than other materials since it stands up to all types of weather conditions. When a metal building is finally demolished, it is 100% recyclable so you don't even have to pay for disposal. From start to finish a metal building is easier to assemble, less costly to ship and put together, requires less maintenance, and lasts longer than lumber. It is easy to see why metal makes a great choice for building material when you want a strong, durable building that is easy on the pocketbook.

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