Sunday, June 7, 2009

What's the Difference Between a Drug Addict and Religious Extremist

Sometimes while getting responses from others about my articles, listening to audio's about religion or while watching religious documentaries, I get to meet what I would consider, to be religious extremists. I have to admit that these people get upset and a little out of hand, sometimes. I am no different, every once in a while, someone pushes my buttons and I go over the edge. I feel like a complete jerk afterwords but nevertheless it's now a part of my history.

Drug addicts are usually not positive role models and are often viewed as selfish individuals. On a spiritual level, most of them think that they have the world figured out. They are often seen spouting their opinions and justifying their behaviors daily. They usually hang around others who do drugs and this often allows them additional support for justifying their behaviors.

If you can surround yourself with others who think like you do while rationalizing their drug related behaviors, it's not long before they start believing in their social surroundings. This now becomes a way of life and everyone else who doesn't agree with them, is now an outcast from their drug using society.

Do you see any similarities between drug addicts and religious extremists? Maybe I haven't finished my painting yet. Let me continue.

Religious extremists can be considered role models in their society and often are not viewed as selfish individuals within their religious society, but outside of this community they can have enemies and might not be viewed by others in a good way.. On a spiritual level, they have everything figured everything out and there's very little room for information, outside of their beliefs. On a daily basis, they can be seen preaching and justifying their behaviors to others.

These people rarely stray to far from their religious group. The religious extremists can easily justify their behaviors, like most drug addicts, hanging around people who think like they do, often aren't well liked by people outside of their social groups, don't want to listen to outside opinions and often view these opinions as attacks on their beliefs, instead of the truth or common sense.

I'm sure there are a few differences, and many more similarities between drug addicts and religious extremist. Both of these people often look at the other as wrong, ignorant and wasting their lives. Each one of them knows what's best until proven wrong by another group, that they will soon be following as a new extremist in another group.

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