Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flowing Through the Universe

We live in an electromagnetic sea of light which is flowing through the universe. This sea of light is a part of our human consciousness.

The many millions of Lightworkers in the world have now brought enough conscious awareness into the level of the light on earth to start and connect the whole underlying field of light to become integrated and conscious in its own right, like a huge supercomputer.

Everything in the universe has this sea of light at its core. Physical matter is a hologram of light which has condensed; a thought-form where light has slowed down and changed from a wave into the fine particles which cluster together to form the finest building blocks, the atoms, that make up matter and everything in the Universe.

When we are relaxed, happy and going with our soul's purpose, we flow in this sea of light; guided and supported by the universe, we feel pleasure when we go with the flow.

Everything around us now has this same conscious awareness which formerly was experienced only through the human system. Our body's energy field, the human aura, reaches out and connects to the underlying lay lines and magnetosphere belonging to the planet.

Connect the earth to the sun and the other planets in a web of light. Gamma ray bursts flow right through the Universe, creating a superhighway of integrated conscious connections.

We are now becoming increasingly aware of these more subtle levels of energy which have become Self-aware and conscious, creating a matrix of intelligent communication throughout the whole universe.

Astrology has proved over many centuries that the heavenly bodies have an influence on our lives, emotions and feelings.

When we are driving our car, we feel guided and if we listen to our subtlest emotions, feeling and inner voice, we can transmit and receive messages to and from the underlying field of the intelligent light matrix, which keeps us safe and free from danger.

All the various control systems seem to link into our emotions and feeling; if we are feeling in tune and supported, we get green lights all the way when we drive. Parking spaces are free in the perfect place for us.

As we drive we seem to pick up messages from the things around us. We may notice synchronicities occurring, like the numbers on the dashboard clock being similar to those on the mile counter or temperature gauge or the number plate of the car in front.

We may start to notice messages in billboard signs which seem to be meant just for us.

It is as though what is outside of us is also inside, like we have a built-in satellite navigation system. It is unusual to go far astray when you are connected to your internal navigation system; it is as though you can drive on your emotions and feeling and be guided to the right place.

When you use your subtle energies while driving, it goes without saying that for safety's sake, you need to stay consciously aware of the five senses and your connection to physical reality. All I am suggesting here is to allow the awareness to expand a little by gaining depth as well within the subtle energies.

George E. Lockett IIHHT, SSHA (C) Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved.

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