Monday, June 29, 2009

Exercising Your Self-Efficacy

Self- efficacy is the conscious awareness of ones ability to be effective in producing a desired outcome of ones task and/or the ability to deal with life challenges. A person that is self-efficient possesses a level of self-awareness that gives them an innate ability to realize that they already possess everything he or she needs to know to not only solve their problems, but to bring their goals, needs and wants into fruition.

As in each of our lives, there are 6 life areas that complete a self-efficient individual: emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, social and intellectual. Furthermore, when we have all these areas balanced we feel happy and fulfilled. The trick becomes how do we balance these areas and meet our basic needs of belonging, power / recognition, freedom and fun. The answer is to meet these needs internally rather than externally.

Think about it for a minute. If we all possess the innate ability to solve our own problems and bring them into fruition, then why are so many of us basing our own fulfillment on the needs, wants and perceptions of others and things (external). We should not be and the reality is; we will never become self-efficient if we do.

So what will it take to become a person with self-efficacy? It takes a decision, a commitment, a strategy and action.

Your Decision- you decide what you feel is your purpose and meaning. You then make up your mind that that you will start living a life that is based on your values and belief system and not from others. For those of you who are spiritual, your foundation of beliefs can be based in the principals and doctrines of your higher power.

Your Commitment- you pledge to yourself that you will utilize all of your strength, skills, talents and resources to accomplish your decision. Take your time and make sure you are being honest with yourself about your strengths, skills, talents and resources.

Your Strategy- you figure out healthy and empowering strategies that will help you bring your decision to fruition. If you realize that, you lack important resources and skills to bring your decision to reality. Strategize how you can use the strengths, skills, talents and resources you do possess, to acquire the critical ones you are lacking.

Your Action- you take positive steps toward your decision. You are simply making movement in the intended direction. Progress is progress. It is not based on how big the growth, it is based in simply growing. If you are growing your progressing, and if you are progressing you are changing, and if you are changing, action is taking place.

If you exercise your self-efficacy, you are one step closer to authenticating your spirit.

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