Friday, June 5, 2009

Positive Attitude: Your Choice Of Friends Matters

You heard from many people and read from many books that having a positive attitude is very important as it is a foundation towards success and it will makes your life easier. But the reality is that in your life, you will sometime face some problems and difficulties. Your surrounding will not help because you will face with a lot of people who has negative attitude and the media is always full of negative things. So what kind of people that you always associated with play a part on whether you will have a positive attitude or not and decided on whether you will reach your goal or not.

Friends are very important as there is a saying that no man is a island. If you want to have a positive attitude and always have a positive thinking, then the choice of your friends will be very important to you. As you will always be interacting with your friend, you will subconsciously be influenced by your friend.

For example, you are with a group of friends who have a negative attitude towards life. What they will always tell you will be the negative things. If you want to do something and you ask for their opinions, they will just tell you that it is impossible. If you do not have your thinking, you will just feel that it is impossible too. This will not be good for you because you will never dare to do anything different from your friends.

What kind of thinking that you have in your mind is actually a kind of energy. When you are always surrounded by negative energy, you will be affected by it. So what is the best solution to this problem. It is simple and it is to mix around with more people who have a positive attitude towards everything. You will soon be influenced by them and you will have a positive attitude.

The interesting thing is that you will never see successful people with negative attitude but you will always see successful people with positive attitude. Successful people always mix around with positive thinking friends. That is the reason why they are so successful. So be selective of who your friends are and have the kind of positive thinking that you richly deserved.

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