Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Law of Attraction And How to Master This Great Power? (Part 2)

Now that you have an understanding of Attraction Law Secret Universe, its time to put the Law of Attraction into effect. Below is a simple exercise that you can incorporate into your daily routine which gives many benefits besides reaping the rewards of manifestation.

Making The Secret of law of attraction Work

Take about twenty minutes each night and find a private place, somewhere comfortable and distraction free. Relax for a moment, and then imagine your intent has come true. Imagine that it has happened right now, and feel what you would feel had it happened. The more excited and worked up you can get, the better. Imagine yourself driving that car, moving into that house, or holding that money. Make sure you include yourself in your imaginings, as this is absolutely key.

Pick one intention and work on it for about a week. Have faith in the process, any doubts would have sent out negative vibrations that would negate the earlier positive vibrations you sent to the universe.

It may help to choose an initial intent that does not involve money or something you need desperately, but rather something you would really like. Too many people in bad financial situations attempt to manifest money instantly, and they are so consumed with worries over the bills that they never manage to keep a positive manifestation intent out there.

After youve succeeded a time or two with things you arent in dire need of, your faith in the process will allow you to go ahead and work on something more important. This doesnt have to be a lengthy process by any means. Manifestation can occur near instantaneously, depending on the quality of your energy and intention. We are our own worst enemies, and if something isnt manifesting, you will always know who the culprit is.

Start a daily regimen today, and see if you dont get better results than you have in the past. Keep in mind, strong emotion plus detachment plus patience equals manifestation. Thats the secret to working the secret of the law of attraction. You have now completed your basic attraction law training.

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