Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Are You a Competitor or a Creator

The answer to that question could provide considerable insight into many aspects of your life - business and personal. The "good book", The Science of Getting Rich, is clear on the point of using competition to accumulate wealth. It most certainly can be done; people do it everyday. But is it the preferred method of achieving business success?

When we understand the philosophy behind creation, and when we truly leave the competitive plane for the creative plane, that is when we are truly free. Since immersing myself in this study, I have achieved clarity on this point that is absolutely liberating. As internet and network marketers we are often conditioned to be competitive. We are competing for top spot on google, protective of our websites and copy rights, always guarding our success secrets. Some of us even pay to get the latest "secrets" of the internet and networking gurus. When you are in competition you are, by necessity, on guard. Many successful network marketers I know have achieved great success, on the competitive plane. Often, these master marketers exhibit anger that is sometimes mistaken for arrogance. I now see it as protection. The marketer who "makes it" on the competitive plane is ever fearful of "the competition" taking what is his, be it his ideas, his product or his strategies. He presents himself in such a manner so as to discourage others from "stealing" from him. And others will and do steal or borrow from him. He is very wealthy from a monetary stand point, but is he free?

True Freedom

When we move from the competitive to the creative plane, we know that there are no limits to what we can achieve or to the money that we can attract to us. We do not have a need to protect our property or our ideas to the extent that we are consumed by it. We are not on guard or needing to keep our eye on "the competition". We are free to share and cooperate.

We are bombarded on the internet with offers to purchase the "secrets" of the "big dogs" or of the wealthy or the successful, when in truth, knowing their strategies will not assist us at all. That is the real SECRET - that there are no magic bullets, no secrets. When we buy or sell other people's "secrets" we are playing on the competitive field. The TRUTH is that few have ever achieved success by duplicating someone who has. We see this time and again, and the reason is clear when you understand The Law of Attraction. Two people can take the exact same action - one may see great success, the other great failure. Success is not something that can be "copied".

The Certain Way

This is discussed in detail in The Science of Getting Rich. It is stated that the one who achieves success, while doing the same actions as the one who fails, does those actions in THE CERTAIN WAY. This certain way is the creative process, and whether the successful person is aware or not, he is vibrating on the level that is in harmony with success. The person who learns to perform these acts with AWARENESS is able to obtain riches creatively, which is permanent and free from worry or stress. This is THE CERTAIN WAY to obtaining riches in a scientifically correct manner. It cannot fail.

All we need to learn to do is to gain mastery over our own thinking, and how to perform our work in THE CERTAIN WAY. This is truly the only "study" we need to concern ourselves with. Once this is mastered, then it is quite possible that these other offerings may be of some benefit, but certainly not until. What is the use of reading or listening about how others achieved success when it is not their actions that created their success?

I teach how to's of internet marketing, and it has been frustrating as a trainer, when I see some people follow the instructions exactly, yet fail to get the results they should. It is clear that following the advice of successful networkers is not always effective. It is evident that performing the same actions does not produce the same result. It takes more than belief and positive thinking. Network marketers must learn to think and act in the Certain Way.

I believe in my heart, that the study of The Science of Getting Rich, is the first training that is necessary. Learn to master your mind, and the rest will fall into place.


Karen Weir through affiliation with Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, introduces The Science of Getting Rich Seminar system. This system is designed to create millionaires.

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