Sunday, May 4, 2008

Diversify for Income Stability

Most multi-millionaires do not keep all their eggs in one basket.

They tend to diversify and create multiple streams of income. It only makes sense. If you have just one source of income and it suddenly dries up, where does that leave you?

Heading for panic-mode, Ill bet.

If youre on the road to millionairism, it pays to follow the example of those that have learned this simple strategy. Diversify.

So how do you create multiple streams of income?

With the internet, its fairly easy. One way is by joining an affiliate program. An affiliate program is where you are rewarded with a portion of the income for any sales, leads and/or traffic you send to a merchant web site.

Affiliate programs are here to stay. Maybe not a certain, specific program, but the idea itself is here to stay. Well, as long as theres internet anyway!

Many companies have affiliate programs.

Find a website youd like to be affiliated with. Go to the home page and do a word search for aff. Thats short for affiliate. Much easier and faster to type in and you have a much less chance of making a typo. (Yeah, I learned this the hard way after going through 6 websites I really liked and no programs showed up. Uh, duh, I had transposed the i with the a.)

Another way to find the affiliate program on the site is to look for a button off to the left or a link at the bottom of the page. Sometimes theyre called associate programs. Or maybe partner, referral, reseller, or sponsor programs.

Most websites make it easy to join their affiliate programs and it doesnt take long at all. Many are free and many times you dont even have to have your own website. They provide one for you. Now how easy could that be? Everythings right there for you!

So if youre on the way to becoming a multi-millionaire, its time to diversify. Affiliate programs are a good way to go.

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