Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time Management Program - Punctuality is Important

Punctuality is a big deal in time management. Everyone is late sometimes, right? Yes, most people are occasionally late and when they are its because of an unexpected occurrence. But when you are habitually late punctuality is an issue you need to address.

When you arent punctual you set yourself up for escalating levels of stress. When you start the day late you tend to run late the entire day. Even though you may not place a high value on punctuality, recognize that others do. Lateness can lose you the sale, cost you the job, diminish the level of respect the other person has for you because they are thinking that if you cant even be counted on to be on time how can they count on you for something important.

Punctuality is an integrity issue that creates chaos in your time management program. When you arent punctual you are demonstrating a lack of integrity with yourself and others. When you agree to hold an appointment at a specific time and then youre late you have missed an opportunity to keep your word. Keeping your word enables you to feel good about yourself and others to feel good about you.

Punctuality communicates more than timeliness. When you arent punctual it demonstrates a lack of focus and clarity on whats important. When something is really important to you, you will be on time. Being late communicates the appointment wasnt important to you.

How do you improve your punctuality? Start allowing a little slack time between your appointments. Give yourself at least an extra 15 minutes between each appointment. Then if youre a little early use those few minutes to do those little things that dont take much time like reading an article, making a quick phone call, planning the next weeks calendar etc. As you improve your timeliness youll feel a whole lot better and more in control. You wont need to be speeding around to get everywhere, and you project a more professional image.

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