Monday, June 9, 2008

Relationship Magic - Healthy Relationships Start With These 7 Steps

Although for some people, it seems like love at first sight brings a couple together. However, in reality, some basic steps take place first.

1.Initial attraction and spending time.

At first, two people find things in common that attract them to one another. They find they like to be outdoors together, for example, or hang out and talk together, or any number of things. This gradually grows until the two people spend more and more time together enjoying each others company.

2.Passion Grows.

Almost like magnets, the two people are drawn together for physical contact. Hugs, holding hands and light kisses become part of each Goodbye. And the two people never seem to want the evenings to end, the weekend fun to stop.

3.Making Time to Be Together.

Now extra time is made so that the two can meet. They get together for lunch during work breaks, for instance. They decide to attend the same church together. One invites the other over while babysitting for a family member. Both people are gradually introducing their mates to their family and friends, work associates, neighbors, fellow church members, etc. as time is stretched for them to be together.

4.Love Grows.

Somewhere in here feelings grow to where one person can almost feel like an extension of the other. The couples names roll off tongues of workers, family members, friends, etc. as if they were always a pair and not individuals. One person gets an invitation for both of them now. They are a pair and they feel that they belong to each other in the heart.

5.Friends and Family Members.

Gentle nudges start coming from aunts, siblings, and close friendsall who wonder when the happy couple will be getting married. Little spats and first serious arguments may start coming up and these close friends and family members intervene to help.

6.Growing Together.

Finally the couple settles down together in the same home. They grow together in good times and bad, for better and worse, richer or poorer and really mean it. They know they have plenty of support from family and friends if they need help, and they offer their support in a similar manner right back.

7.Facing Change Together.

The unexpected happens, sudden illness, deaths, job loss, children and much more. Yet the couple maintains a solid relationship based upon friendship and love.

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