Thursday, July 3, 2008

Journaling To Track Your Successes

Often times people will start out on projects or set goals and after sometime lose the sight of the end result. They get distracted or they just do not know where they actually started nor how far they have come. For this reason they have little idea of how far they have to go to reach the end result. Using a journal to track your successes in any project or goal can assist you in reaching your desired result. Even the experts in the fields of motivation and inspirational personal growth suggest using the writing down of your successes as a tool to keep you on track.

To write down your successes or accomplishmentsACD helps you to first of all recognize that you have successes. Sometimes when you go through your day, you do not realize that simple little things are in fact a success. This makes you more aware of the things that you do or say that take you one step closer to your desired result.

Writing down your successes creates milestones that you can look back on and see how far you really have come in your journey to your future. There are times when discouragement will get the best of us. However, with a road and markers to look back on it is easier to continue forward and with more enthusiasm than you would have had if you had not taken the time to write down the successes you had in your everyday life.

To write down your successes regularly also encourages habits of success. Once these habits are in place then you become more motivated to do more and be more in the realm of your day. In many cases people who take the time to write down their successes reach their end result and reach them quicker. This allows them to start new projects, have more goals, and dream much bigger than they thought they could.

Once you realized the value and the importance of writing down accomplishments a person can then celebrate their successes. Treat your self to something special when you complete the desire goals you have set. Cheer and applaud! It is amazing how great we feel when we get that kind of recognition for finishing what we start.

Where you have come from determines where you will go

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