Saturday, July 5, 2008

Educated Decision Making in Exercising

Whatever workout technique you choose, take precaution doing them the wrong way can pose injuries. Always stretch before exercising, and if you feel awkward while exercising, you're probably in the wrong position. If you're just beginning, start off slow, it takes a little while to perfect your technique. You should feel your muscles stretching; you should not feel pain while working out. While working out you should begin to feel a burning sensation; this shows that it's working! Don't forget the number 1 rule of any exercise program: Drink Plenty of Water!!!

Aerobics- is nothing more than anything to get your heart pumping. You can get a good aerobic workout from swimming, dancing, running, any number of things to really get the lungs working and blood pumping. 5B4There are also good aerobic video's and techniques such as step aerobics, dance aerobics etc. A good aerobic workout should be done 2-3 times a week, with the addition to muscle building techniques (if you are looking to get in shape). No matter the reason to start an exercise program, aerobics is the one technique everyone should do; it will dramatically increase your energy, and overall health!

Yoga- it's important in yoga to have the right choice in clothing. Yoga is stretching meditating, and relaxation techniques. You should be completely comfortable in loose clothing that will stretch with you. Yoga unites the mind and body; you are more aware of your movements, it teaches you meditation, and how to emphasize on your breathing, and muscle groups. Knowing forms of yoga will help you in every aspect of life. You will learn how to brush the outside world away and focus on you!

Pilates- is a great technique to use with strength training. While strength training builds shape and build mass, weight exercises make muscles tight and shortened. Pilates are designed to stretch and lengthen those muscles giving you a balance in your workouts.

Weight training- is the key to building muscle mass; weather your male or female looking to build muscle, tone your body, extreme workouts, or just basic exercise. Weight training is the key to getting results. The key is to find the right workout for you. Try not to focus 554on just one part of the body though, try to keep a balance throughout the entire body by working as many muscle groups as you can.

Diet- No matter the workouts you choose, you have got to find a diet that goes along with it. Diet does not mean cut out all the foods you love, it simply means to watch what you eat, and there are so many diets out there it's hard to choose the right one. You have to research what kind of workout you want to begin with, and what diet would maximize your results. This can include calorie diets, protein diets; maybe you have special needs such as diabetic, or fiber diets. You have to do the research and learn the right diet for you!

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