Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spiritual Growth

Have you felt a calling? Do you hear the sound of a distant bell leading you home?If you understand what I mean by that then either consciously or subconsciously you are yearning for spiritual growth. An inner desire to take your personal development to a level beyond the mere physical.

Speaking personally, I have felt this calling all my life. And the more I have searched for spiritual direction and awakening the further away I seem to have been taken. It always felt like I was taking one step forward and two steps back and that has hard as I tried to raise my consciousness to a spiritual level the harder the temptations of the physical world dragged me back down.

I tried Christianity, Buddhism, Druidism and many others. And when I say I tried what I really mean is I read a few books and tried to implement their principles into my daily life. But there was always something about them that didnt quite ring true.

I desperately waited for my teacher to appear and have my very own guru or spiritual life coach. Someone who could make everything clear to me. But nobody ever turned up. I guess the pupil just wasnt ready.

But I didnt give up. I continued to read and learn and eventually I began to feel that the power to understand and lift my consciousness to a new level was within me and would not come from the words or actions of others.

My spiritual development was still very much in its infancy but I continued to look within myself for answers. Mostly, I received nothing for my efforts but the usual cacophony of noise my mind produces. That is, until I discovered the method of Meta-Programming which helps you discover you higher self, your higher being.

It is a long, in-depth process of learning (or unlearning) and takes a fair amount of discipline. But the benefits of meta-programming are already apparent to me after only four weeks.

If you are looking for your spiritual higher being or just trying to make sense of the world around you, then I recommend you give meta-programming a try.

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