Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spiritual Counseling Studies

In general, spiritual counseling studies are geared toward emotional, mental and spiritual maturity; however, specific coursework can help students become certified spiritual counselors.

Spiritual counseling studies curriculums may be comprised of, but not limited to: learning about angelology, channeling, chakras, energy and intuitive healing, meditation and prayer in spiritual counseling, metaphysics, psychic development, reiki, science of mind, and spiritual energy. Through a comprehensive education, spiritual counseling studies allow students to gain the knowledge and skills to establish a career as a spiritual counselor; and successful graduates of approved educati2237onal programs can become certified in spiritual counseling.

Typically, spiritual counseling studies are holistic healing art form. Students may enroll at specific learning institutions or attain their courses online or via distance learning programs. In addition, various spiritual counseling studies include spiritual counseling for the grieving and dying; healing touch; dream interpretation; herbal therapies; stress reduction; crisis intervention and other related metaphysical studies.

Healthcare providers may wish to enroll in spiritual counseling studies to continue and earn educational units through seminars; lectures; video educational programs; educational workshops; self-study programs and coursework; and other spiritual counseling studies offered through universities and other educational institutions.

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